Outstanding 5 star hotels worldwide

Luxurious suites, exclusive spas, Michelin-starred cuisine, and first-class service that leaves nothing to be desired – 5 star hotels guarantee vacations that fulfil the highest expectations. Elegant hotels in warmer climates boast perfectly manicured gardens and infinity pools. 5 star hotels in the metropolises of the world have swanky rooftop bars and stylish spa areas. The stylish suites are where lavish furnishings meet modern design and art and antiques decorate immaculate interiors.

5 Star Hotels

Luxury is expected when you book a stay at a 5 star hotel. On arrival, you will be greeted by the doorman or valet service. Bellhops will carry your luggage to your suite, where a small gift or fresh flowers are waiting. Room service is on call 24 hours a day or you can enjoy a lavish gourmet meal in the hotel restaurant. In the evening there is, of course, a turndown service. Although global standards for 5 star hotels may vary, luxury is internationally recognized. The impeccable service and modern comforts of 5 star hotels must meet the highest standards where every detail in every room is just right – from design and functionality to state-of-the-art technical equipment. From the tranquil rural regions of Italy, Greece and Croatia to the pulsating metropoles of Barcelona, Berlin and Paris, luxury 5 star hotels are found in all the most beautiful regions and cities of the world.

In the lap of luxury: World’s best 5 star hotels

Oriental escapes: From Antalya to Morocco

From ancient history and decadence on the banks of the Nile river to idyllic settings and Bedouin hospitality, Egypt is one of those rare vacation destinations that make visitors feel like they have experienced something truly magical. Luxurious and lavish beyond measure, Egypt’s 5 star hotels are tastefully designed, boasting modern amenities and helpful personnel who leave nothing to be desired, which guarantees an exceptional vacation. When it came to art and aesthetics, the Ottoman Empire had an eye for opulence and excellence. High-quality materials, intricate ceramics, and decorative touches add to the decadent flair of 5 star hotels from Turkey all the way to Morocco. Historic elegance meets contemporary luxury in Turkey’s 5 star hotels, reflecting the rich history of the country that is such a fascinating blend of East and West, old and new. Iznik ceramics bring a touch of the traditional to the chic modern spa and wellness centres in Istanbul’s luxury hotels whereas high-grade Zellige tiles do the same in Morocco. Modernity and tradition merge as effortlessly in Istanbuls 5 star hotels as they do in the city itself. On the other side of the country, situated along the stunningly beautiful Turquoise Coast, Antalya’s 5 star hotels are the crème de la crème of what Turkish hoteliers have to offer discerning travelers and exemplify the top-quality experience of a genuine oriental vacation. Likewise Morocco’s most extravagant villas offer private butler services, private gardens with pools, upscale furnishings and highly modern amenities in idyllic surroundings.

European flair: France, Italy & Croatia

The south of France, and St Tropez in particular, conjure up images of glitz and glamor. Thousands of vacationers flock to the dazzling beaches and swish rooftop bars and clubs of the French Riviera to rub shoulders with the jet set as they dance the nights away. The 5 star hotels in ‘The Pink City’ of Toulouse, Montpellier, Marseille, Cannes and Nice are as diverse as the cities themselves, where some, housed in French country chateaus have their own vineyards and others boast immaculately designed spas that stretch for miles. One trait all of them share is an air of sophistication. Well-known for its vineyards that produce a third of France’s wines and the sprawling beaches along its Mediterranean shore, Southern Franceis an attractive destination for art lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and those who appreciate the finer things in life. Likewise, visitors to Lake Garda in Italy can expect the highest class in award-winning hotels with sophisticated spas, gourmet restaurants, and elegant suites where discretion and comfort have top priority. It goes without saying that the luxury hotels in this region all have panoramic views of the mountainside and the shimmering waters of Italy’s largest lake. Split’s dramatic coastal mountains are the perfect backdrop to the glittering turquoise waters of the Adriatic sea, whereas Dubrovnik’s enchanting Old Town never ceases to enrapture and amaze travelers. Regardless of which city in Croatia you pick, a 5 star hotel here is the place to turn your Mediterranean dreams of balmy days on golden stretches of sand lapped by sapphire waters into a reality.

Idyllic Indian Ocean paradises: The Maldives & Mauritius

5 Star Hotels Maldives © JA Manafaru

The vacation of a lifetime is waiting for you in the unbelievably blue waters of the Indian Ocean. The island Eden of Mauritius is famous for its snow-white beaches, glittering sapphire waters and luxury resorts boasting everything from stylish villas surrounding tropical lagoons, private beaches and islands to golf clubs and modish spas and whatever else your heart desires. Set against a backdrop of picturesque locations from tropical gardens and mangroves to crystal blue oceans, you’d be hard pressed to find a private suite without a jaw-dropping view here. Luxury hotels in Mauritius are the perfect haven of peace and tranquillity from which to escape the humdrum of modern life. For even greater heights of luxury, book a 5 star hotel in the Maldives. Consisting of nearly 1200 islands, it’s clear why this island paradise is home to the best beaches as well as the best snorkelling and diving in the world. Every resort in the Maldives boasts its own private island making first-class service the order of the day. The powder-white sand is unbelievably soft and the luminous sapphire water is perfect for exploring the majestic underwater world. From personal butlers, in-room massages and pillow menus, luxury is unrivalled at a 5 star hotel in the Maldives.

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