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Crème de la crème of what Turkish hoteliers have to offer for demanding travelers, Antalya 5 star hotels exemplify the top-quality experience of a genuine oriental vacation. Luxurious beyond imagining, these establishments are dedicated to satisfying your critical needs and passing fancies alike, so their honored guest could feel at ease and effortlessly indulge in the top quality stay. So, if you would love to experience heavenly pleasures in the magical land of Turkey, Antalya 5 star hotels will greet you warmly, host you cordially and then bid you a kind farewell.

5 Star Hotels Antalya

The largest Turkish city on the Mediterranean Sea, Antalya offers some of the best 5 star hotels in coastal Turkey. In line with the city’s unique mixture of history, fine beaches, and modern trendiness, the 5 star hotels in Antalya range from converted Ottoman townhouses to ultra-modern resorts. The following guide will help you make the best choice for your 5 star hotel in Antalya according to your specific needs.

5 Star Hotels in Antalya


Konyaaltı is a district conveniently located southwest of Antalyas city centre. It features a beautiful pebbled beach with clear waters. It is a great choice for travellers who like big 5 star resorts, but want to stay in proximity to Antalya’s old town. Konyaaltı’s 5 star hotels are decorated with Ottoman touches, and serve Turkish and international cuisine. A lively residential area, it offers visitors various restaurants, a shopping mall, and a weekly market.


Belek, located about 45km east of Antalya, is synonymous with luxury. This small resort town offers visitors some of the finest 5 star hotels in Antalya. Those who love marble architecture, modernity with touches of Turkish decor, spas, and golf, will find Belek ideal. The beach, beautifully surrounded by mountains, features fine sand and crystal waters. Belek is the perfect area for couples seeking a romantic getaway combining peace and quiet with top luxury; some hotels here are adults-only.


Lara is a popular beach area where many of Antalya’s 5 star hotels are located. Southeast of the city, it offers visitors soft white sand, warm clear waters, and all kinds of beach facilities. Lara is the area of choice for families as most of its 5 star hotels feature a kids club, several children’s swimming pools, and restaurants with kids’ menus. The decor is often modern, simple, and colourful. Most resorts in Lara are all-inclusive, but you will also find nice restaurants close to the beach.

Antalya Old Town

Antalya Old Town, or Kaleici, is a charming area located in the city centre. It’s chic, trendy, and history-rich, and so are most of its 5 star hotels. The winding cobbled streets are filled with boutique hotels located in elegant Ottoman houses. Most have swimming pools and green courtyards where breakfast is served. Some of Antalya’s best restaurants and nightclubs are located in this area. The 5 star hotels in Antalya’s Old Town are a perfect base for history lovers: the Roman Harbour, Hadrian Castle Gate, and Hidirlik Kalesi — the tower considered to be the symbol of Antalya — are all within walking distance.

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