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Lombardy is one of Italy’s most popular destinations for luxury travellers. With its Alpine location and range of alluring and fashionable towns, it’s a truly excellent choice for city dwellers, nature or culture lovers.

5 Star Hotels Lombardy

5 star hotels across Lombardy, Northern Italy, encompass one of the country’s most fashionable and glamorous regions. Whether shopping in Milan or relaxing with the rich and famous in Lake Como, it’s a must-visit spot for any luxury traveller.

Shopping and sightseeing in glitzy Milan

The principal city of gorgeous Lombardy, Milan is synonymous with high fashion, great shopping and elegant streets lined with beautiful houses and monuments. All the world’s top designers have outlets in the city, most located in the iconic Fashion Quadrangle district. For walks, the area around Porta Ticinese features some of the oldest and prettiest buildings in the city, perfect for stopping for a delicious Italian coffee and contemplating purchases.

Glamorous Lake Como

The picturesque village of Como sits on the edge of the eponymous lake with a beautiful cathedral and other traditional Italian constructions to admire. On the water itself visitors can enjoy walking along the edge of the lake, taking a boat trip or cycling around the countryside. Stop at a pizzeria for deliciously authentic stone-baked creations. The surrounding area features some of Lombardy’s most striking 5 star hotels.

Authentically Italian Bergamo

A little more tucked away and featuring a truly delightful and scenic location just below the Alps, Bergamo is perfect for a relaxed luxury break. Enjoy walking through its streets and squares including the Piazza Vecchia with a range of traditional Italian architecture. The Cittadella was built privately by a powerful family in the 14th family as a testament to their power in the region, and it stands today as a beautiful construction.

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