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Good food, beautiful lush nature, and unrivalled tourist attractions will await you in a 5 star hotel in Bali’s Ubud. From the peaceful green landscape in the north to the vibrant, lively city centre, Ubud has everything a visitor could ask for. Whether visiting alone, on a honeymoon, or in a group, Ubud’s vast array of activities make it an attractive exotic destination.

5 Star Hotels Ubud

Known as the heart of Balinese arts and culture, Ubud has a unique charm that will make anyone fall in love with it. The 5 star hotels of Bali and Ubud are often beautifully located, offering views of green rice fields and lush forests. The comfortable and calm vibe will make anyone feel like they just found a second home.

5 star hotels in Bali Ubud

Northern Ubud: Romantic rejuvenation amongst rice fields

© The Viceroy Bali ResortRelax in a private pool, sipping on dragon fruit juice, while you listen to the sound of gurgling water and chirps of exotic birds overlooking expanses of rice fields. This is one of the many memorable experiences to be had thanks to the tranquil, yet lively atmosphere of northern Ubud. Whether you’re a family looking to relax close to nature, or a couple looking for some romantic time alone, northern Ubud has lots to offer. This hillside region has many of the 5 star hotels in Bali and Ubud, which often are tastefully decorated private villas scattered across rice fields. This is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of Ubud’s centre. These 5 star Balinese hotels usually offer many activities, like yoga workshops or massages, but are also happy to organise a day tour to the many cultural and natural attractions in and around Ubud. Should you fancy some nightlife or culinary indulgence, most hotels provide a shuttle service that will take you to the city centre in less than 15 minutes.

Central Ubud: The sprawling diversity of Monkey Forest Road

Monkey Forest Road is the namesake of the famous sacred sanctuary of grey long-tailed macaques, and marks the heart of Ubud’s hotspots. This cosy little street provides traditional art markets, sacred temples, classy restaurants, and 5 star hotels. It’s the ideal home for travellers who enjoy exploring on foot. Although located at the city centre’s busiest roads, the 5 star hotels in central Ubud can be surprisingly quiet and calm. With contemporary Balinese designs and incredible views over the rice fields, it feels far away from a hectic city. These hotels usually offer a wide range of activities, like insights into local village life, permaculture classes, martial arts classes, and more.

Southern Ubud: An ideal base for day trips and kid-friendly adventures

Southern Ubud is perfect for those who want intimate tranquillity. Just like northern Ubud, southern Ubud is a great refuge to reconnect with nature, as many 5 star hotels provide rooms with beautiful views of rivers and waterfalls. Around southern Ubud, families will enjoy a fun-filled day, thanks to puppet shows, art markets, and the Bali Zoo. The hotels usually offer a variety of unique experiences such as breakfast with orangutans or dinner with elephants, private day tours, and shuttle service. Some hotels also give free entry tickets to visit the Bali Zoo.

Other Hotel Types in Ubud

Favorite 5 Star Hotels in Ubud