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Austria delivers on every level, with plenty of hiking trails through the gorgeous Alps, as well as Baroque churches, palaces, and museums for the architecture and history enthusiasts, and Salzburg festivals for music lovers. Moreover, there is excellent gastronomy to be enjoyed here too. Travellers with a refined taste and a fondness for luxury will find nothing to complain about in 5 star hotels in Austria, which aim to deliver the best of comfort to every guest.

5 Star Hotels Austria

Located in central Europe, Austria is as popular for its mountain scenery as for its culture and food. Explore these delights and discover all the country has to offer, surrounded by luxury and enjoying the best hotel services imaginable at 5 star hotels in Austria. In these hotels, guests are pampered with numerous amenities, luxury interiors, and gourmet dining in a grand display of Austrian hospitality. Being Europe’s winter sports capital is not Austria’s only claim to fame, as the country offers a diverse range of experiences. Whether it is hiking on the majestic Alps, unwinding in style amidst lush vineyards, exploring quaint villages in the rustic countryside, or visiting historic Baroque monuments like Schönbrunn Palace – no two days are alike when you are holidaying in Austria.

Austria’s most beautiful 5 Stars Hotels

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Immerse Yourself in Vienna’s History and Gastronomy

Considered one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe, Vienna is a delight for lovers of history and architecture. Baroque and medieval structures dot the cityscape, attracting curious travellers from all over the world. Marvel at the Gothic beauty of St. Stephen’s Cathedral and take your time to explore the 1,441 rooms of Schönbrunn Palace. While staying at 5 star hotels in Austria, you won’t want to miss out on the famous café culture which can be experienced at one of the many coffee houses throughout Vienna. Sip on coffee or hot chocolate while seated on an outdoor terrace, enjoying the best of Vienna’s culture of service and hospitality. And don’t forget to indulge in the wicked deliciousness of Sachertorte, the city’s signature chocolate cake.

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Explore the Musical Culture of Salzburg

Best known for being the birthplace of musical genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Salzburg attracts visitors to its excellent and varied concerts. Music festivals run throughout the year, but the most famous one is the Salzburg Festival, which is held every summer. The film ‘The Sound of Music’ has also contributed immensely to Salzburg’s fame, and many travellers land here wishing to see the original residence of the Von Trapp family.

Enjoy Alpine Beauty in the Tyrol

Typrol is one of the most vibrant regions of Austria, and it is a place where travellers can enjoy spectacular mountain scenery, deep valleys, as well as historic attractions such as medieval churches. With mountains reaching altitudes of 3,798m, the area offers spectacular views and hiking trails. The regional capital of Innsbruck is a much-loved destination, both as a winter ski centre and a summer resort. For a sweeping experience of the Tyrol’s natural beauty, take a gondola ride up the mountains and enjoy the views from a whopping 2,000m.

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