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Thailand offers visitors a wide variety of choices when selecting 5 star hotels and resorts. From the vibrant capital to the party town of Pattaya and beautiful Phuket, travellers will find a delightful array of historical and luxury interest in the country.

5 Star Hotels Thailand

Thailand is a deservedly adored holiday destination. With a wealth of 5 star hotels, Thailand offers everything from buzzing, cosmopolitan cities to paradisical island retreats.

The splendour of Bangkok

Bangkok is located in southern Thailand, near the coast. The Thai capital is full of excitement, whether exploring the gorgeous Siam Square district with its shops and museums or dining in one of the fine restaurants in the Sukhumvit quarter. Naturally, many of Thailand’s best 5 star hotels are in Bangkok, and this enormous city offers everything from pampering in spas to a wealth of fascinating history in its many temples.

Seeing vivacious Pattaya

Located a short distance from Bangkok on the Eastern Gulf Coast, this town is also especially popular with 5 star travellers in Thailand. It’s a great place to dive into traditional bazaars, and the city is also well equipped for serious shoppers looking for modern shopping centres. Pattaya Beach is located right off of the town centre, and Pattaya is additionally well renowned for its exciting nightlife.

Luxury by the water on Phuket

South of the mainland, the island of Phuket is another top choice for luxury travellers. The vibrant town of Patong hosts legendary events including its Full Moon Party, while many quieter towns up the western coast offer a more secluded 5 star experience. Phuket Town, to the south-east of the island, also has many excellent top-tier hotels and offers a range of fascinating history to explore, such as the Wat Mongkol Nimit Temple.

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Regions in Thailand

5 Star Hotels Thailand: Favorite Places

Thailand: Favorite Places

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