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Switzerland might be neutral, but your opinion of it certainly won’t be as 5 Star hotels in Switzerland place you right in the lap of luxury. From melt-in-your-mouth cheeses, velvety chocolate, top-quality jewelry and Rolex watches to snow-capped mountains dipping into verdant valleys, glittering lakes and rivers winding around immense glaciers, Switzerland will satiate your longing for extravagance, indulgence, and adventure. Let a 5 star hotel in Switzerland spark your wonder and wanderlust.

5 Star Hotels Switzerland

As white as driven snow in the winter, as fresh as verdant green in summer, Switzerland is a perfect year-round destination where you can enjoy an alpine skiing holiday or an idyllic summer break. From beholding the wonder of Matterhorn, the most photographed mountain in the world, or the Aletsch Glacier, the largest in the Alps at 23km, and marveling at the pristine, mirror-like qualities of Oeschinesee and Lake Geneva, you can savor all of the scenic pleasures Switzerland has to offer right from the comfort of your 5 star hotel. Once the sun sets, it’s time to tuck into refined dishes made from the finest ingredients at Michelin-starred restaurants and sip on craft cocktails at swanky bars, rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous.

Cultured cities meet the Great Outdoors: The best 5 star stays in spectacular Switzerland

Magnificent Metropoles: Cultural trips & City breaks

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Home to endless natural beauty and rich cultural history, Switzerland is also at the forefront of cutting edge innovation. The Alpine nation of inventors gave the world Swiss Army knives, Velcro and high-quality watches symbolic of accuracy, ornate design and astute craftsmanship. From the captivating capital of Bern to the lakeside sophistication of Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland’s cities are slick, cosmopolitan and sophisticated. They boast an overload of luxury hotels, chic boutiques, Michelin-starred restaurants and chocolatiers, as well as elegant art galleries, historical and cultural attractions. Give in to your sweet temptations in Zurich at Confeserie Sprüngli, the luxury confectionary manufacturer who has been satiating sweet tooths around the world since 1836 with their velvety chocolate treats. Get your high-end fashion fixes from Louis Vuitton to Cartier at Bahnhofstrasse (Bahnhof Street), known as one of the world’s most expensive streets to shop in. Page through books and manuscripts in the most beautiful Baroque library in existence at the Abbey of St Gallen, a UNESCO World heritage site that houses the oldest book in German and a Latin manuscript of the Gospel amongst its 150,000 strong medieval collection. Or explore the wealth of art galleries, museums and iconic buildings at the world-famous ART Basel festival.

The Great Outdoors: Alpine adventures & Ravishing landscapes

At a 5 star hotel in Switzerland Alpine views are guaranteed. Best of all, a luxury hotel in Switzerland perfectly unites urban chic with the great outdoors. Within minutes of leaving your hotel, you can relish in the rivers, lakes, peaks and valleys right on your doorstep. The Swiss Alps are synonymous with luxury, awe-inspiring vistas and astoundingly beautiful landscapes that you have to see to believe. Though the land of four languages is a world-class destination for winter sports, in the hot summer months the skis and snowboards are swapped for kite boards and bicycles. Residents and visitors can experience the scale and beauty of the Alps by bike, foot or helicopter. After the snow melts, you can even try your hand at grass skiing in one of three locations. Ever heard of skijoring, snow polo, or ice cricket? Then head to Corviglia on the eastern slopes of Piz Nair in the Swiss canton of Graubuenden, overlooking the chic luxury resort town of St Moritzt to find out. If you prefer warm sunshine to winter sports, Lake Moritz is beautiful in the summer months. It’s the perfect place to laze the day away, go on a horseback adventure through the surrounding valleys and hills or get your adrenaline pumping by going kitesurfing. For a truly sensational gourmet experience, head to the Schilthorn summit where you can dine in a revolving restaurant at just under 3000m while enjoying the impossibly perfect panoramas of the Jungfrau, the Jura mountain range, the Vosges Mountains and even Mont Blanc in the distance. But it doesn’t have to be all action-packed alpine adventure. 5 star hotels in Switzerland boast some of the finest spas in the world where you are guaranteed to find your inner peace in the midst of blissful tranquility.

Scenic Swiss train rides: From Aletsch to Zermatt

You could leave London at lunchtime and be in Switzerland in time for a sundowner, all by high-speed train, thanks to the Eurostar. When it comes to panoramic train routes through Europe, Switzerland has the upper hand since Swiss rail travel is the stuff of legends. Wind up mountain passes, down valleys and along canon floors and watch pristine emerald fields, high altitude glaciers and the astounding beauty of the snow-capped Alps roll by as you sit in the lap of first-class luxury. From trains featuring modern design with Swiss flair to leisurely cogwheel rails of the belle époque, trips can last anywhere from two hours to a full day – it all depends on you and your itinerary. Also known as the world’s slowest express train, the Glacier Express will take you from your luxury hotel in Zermatt at the foot of the Matterhorn to St Moritz in the Engadin ski region over several leisurely hours. But it’s not just the scenic panoramas that roll by your window that make visitors from all over the world want to take a train ride across Switzerland – the architectural and engineering feats are also a major draw card. In particular the Brusio spiral viaduct that corkscrews above lush fields while traveling via the Bernina Express, passing through Chur, Davos and St Moritz on its way to Italy. If you want to feel like you’re on top of the world, then travelling to one of the most spectacular areas of the Swiss Alps, Jungfraujoch, via railway is for you. Not only are train rides comfortable and enjoyable, they have the added feel-good bonus of being better for the environment than air travel. Given that infants ride for free, they are family friendly, too. There is no more efficient, convenient, or breath-taking way to experience the beautiful natural wonders of Switzerland than by train.

European adventures: The French Alps & Further afield

With its Mediterranean climate and the smooth sounds of Italian in your ears, cooling in the shade of a palm tree by Lake Lugano in the canton of Ticino, you will be forgiven for forgetting that you are in Switzerland. The land of four languages is snuggly surrounded by Germany to the north, Austria and Lichtenstein to the east, Italy to the south and France to the west. This undoubtedly makes a luxury hotel in Switzerland the best starting place from which to travel to other sought-after European attractions like the Northern Italian Lakes, the French Alps or Lake Constance. Even better - you can travel to almost every European country in less than two hours. No matter how appealing neighboring destinations are, you probably won’t ever want to leave your 5 star hotel in Switzerland at all. But if you do, its awe-inspiring vistas, exceptional cuisine and paramount service will keep you coming back for more.

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