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Egypt is the gift of the Nile. With its mighty river, mesmerizing desert and lush delta boasting sand-covered tombs, magnificent monuments, austere pyramids, and towering Pharonic temples, a stay at a 5 star hotel in Egypt will bring out the explorer in you. Cruise along the Nile, explore vibrant marine life or simply relax and unwind on stunning stretches of sand, Egypt offers a plethora of sightseeing and outdoor opportunities best enjoyed at a 5 star hotel.

5 Star Hotels Egypt

Travel back to the time of the Pharoahs with a stay at a 5 star hotel in Egypt. From quad biking hundreds of miles into the Sahara Desert where you can share a cup of tea with a Bedouin tribe, and riding a camel across Biblical terrains marvelling at ancient wonders along the way to snorkelling around vibrant coral reef and swimming in the warm sea along stretches of golden coast, Egypt has it all including excellent shopping, delicious cuisine and friendly hospitality. A stay at a 5 star hotel in Egypt is sure to awaken the adventurer in you.

Exceptional Egypt: Best 5 star stays in the land of the Pharoahs

Paris on the Nile: Luxury & Ancient history in Cairo

On the banks of the infamous Nile river, Cairo is firmly attached to the past yet vibrantly modern, displaying a fascinating blend of ancient pyramids, Coptic sites, and medieval Islamic architecture where fast food joints and skyscrapers nestle up to world heritage monuments. The Midan Tahrir area in downtown Cairo, built in the 19th century, can be likened to Paris on the Nile boasting boutique shopping, cosmopolitan cuisine and fascinating museums. For upmarket shopping, head to the residential district of Zamalek. A great way to relax and enjoy a night under an open canopy of stars in Cairo is a ride on a felucca along the Nile river. If you don’t have sea legs, you can take a stroll along the Corniche el-Nil or the lovely river promenade on Gezira Island, or simply enjoy a coffee and shisha on the intriguing streets of Cairo, watching the locals play backgammon. Though Cairo has fewer public parks than other international metropolises, there are still a reasonable amount of lush green spaces to enjoy and explore. The Hadiqat Al Orman (Al Orman Gardens) in the Giza district is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and Genenet El Merryland (Merryland) located in the Helioplos district is the ideal spot to dine at several restaurants and cafes alongside beautiful natural scenery, while Genenet El Asmak (Garden of Fish) in Zamalek boasts large caves where you can glimpse vivacious sea life in the aquariums. The Wadi Digla Protected Area is a 60m² environmentally protected area that offers trekking, rock climbing, and cycling alongside catching glimpses of the reptile species, deer and birdlife that call this desert park home. What Cairo lacks in green lungs it makes up for in wonder and rarity – where else in the world but at the Mena House Golf Course can you play a round of golf overlooking the Pyramids? A stay at a 5-star hotel in Egypt would be incomplete without a luxury cruise along the Nile river to take in all the most spectacular ancient sites or a visit to the pyramids of Giza and the Saqqara Pyramid Complex.

Red Sea, Sun & Sand in Dahab: Idyllic setting & Bedouin hospitality

Bordered by two large protected areas, Dahab in South Sinai is a magical place that you will want to return to time and time again. Once an isolated Bedouin village, Dahab has evolved into an alternative beach resort with a mellow, laid-back ambience that attracts adventurous and solo travellers but where everyone is welcome. Masbat Bay is the center of Dahab, with the tourist area stretching north to Eel Garden and south to Mashraba. This is where you will experience tranquil isolation in an idyllic setting with laid-back Bedouin hospitality at its very best and most authentic. The combination of Red Sea and Sinai Desert creates perfect wind conditions resulting in an average of 270 days of wind per year. Needless to say, Dahab is an ideal kite surfing and wind surfing destination. But the outdoor opportunities don’t begin and end there. For the adventurous and young at heart, there is a plethora of outdoor activities to enjoy here, including quad biking, camel rides, desert trekking and sandboarding. In fact, sandboarding is said to have originated in Egypt during the time of the Pharoahs. With vast amounts of perfect shaded granite boulders perched over sand-floored valleys, the wadis and mountains of this region make Dahab a top-notch rock climbing destination. For an authentic desert experience and taste of Bedouin culture that you’ll never forget, you can go on a guided desert safari excursion. A souvenir of your stay at a 5 star hotel in Egypt is sure to include the usual suspects like oriental lamps, rugs, backgammon games, and silver jewelry, so be on the look out for beautiful hand-embroidered crafts by Bedouin women.

Hurghada: Like nowhere else on Earth

Start off your stay at a 5 star hotel in Hurghada with a cup of karkaday, a drink made from an infusion of hibiscus reputed to have health benefits that can be enjoyed either hot or cold. You’ll want to keep in shape to explore all the one-of-a-kind activities this stunning region stretching 40km along the Red Sea has to offer. Hurghada was once a small, unimposing fishing village that has expanded into a vast resort town and one of the most visited tourists destinations in the whole of Egypt. Famous for its superb diving opportunities, you don’t have to go underwater to marvel at colourful reefs and vivid marine life. You can also enjoy glimpses of submerged flora and fauna on a glass-bottom boat ride. For a truly unique desert adventure, you can ride a motorbike, quad bike or beach buggy into the desert. A stay at a 5-star hotel in Hurghada is a great way to combine a diving holiday with the Nile Valley sites, with Luxor being a favored destination. From the tomb of Tutankhamen in the Valley of the Kings and the majestic temple complex of Karnak, Luxor is the world’s greatest open-air museum. Hurghada is also an ideal starting point for trips to Cairo as well as other sun-soaked neighbouring destinations like Israel and Turkey.

5 Star Hotels Egypt: Favorite Places

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