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5 Star Hotels Balearic Islands

From the white sandy beaches of Formentera to the rocky mountains of Majorca, 5 star hotels on the Balearic Islands are the perfect vacation destination. Offering the highest quality service and amenities - no matter which of these lovely islands you visit - you’ll be pampered in every possible way. 5 star hotels on the Balearic Islands offer guests features such as exceptional dining, spa and wellness facilities and outstanding service from highly trained staff. Whether you prefer shopping in the capital city of Palma or lazing on one of the endless beaches, excitement and relaxation are guaranteed at 5 star hotels. Balearic Islands vacations are the perfect way to treat yourself to something special.

The Balearic Islands holiday destination at a glance:

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5 Star Hotels Balearic Islands: Favorite Destinations

5 Star Hotels Balearic Islands: Favorite Places

Balearic Islands: Favorite Places

Favorite 5 Star Hotels in Balearic Islands

Favorite Hotel Types in Balearic Islands