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Dubai is an excellent place to experience a luxurious holiday, with its 5 star hotels offering unparalleled comfort and glamour. Whether shopping or seeing the sights old and new, Dubai offers an excellent range of activities for discerning visitors. The top hotels here are deservedly often referred to as the world’s best.

5 Star Hotels Dubai

Dubai is what comes to mind when most people think of 5 star hotels. With a number of iconic establishments to choose from in a vibrant and exciting international city, visitors enjoy a truly luxurious holiday when visiting this striking destination.

A shopper’s paradise

5 star hotels in Dubai offer a supremely lavish experience in a city where shopping is par for the course. With a number of enormous shopping centres and more traditional markets, many choose to come to the city exclusively to stock up on their favourite designer labels and luxury goods. The Gold Souk is the place to go for all manner of products made from this precious metal. The Dubai Mall features over 1,200 shops.

Visiting historic Dubai

Not to be overlooked are the fascinating historic quarters that have stood strong in the face of the rapid development the city has enjoyed. The Bastakiya District in particular is an excellent place to see varied Emirati architecture built in the traditional style.

The dazzling sights of modern Dubai

For most visitors, what comes to mind when they think of Dubai are the range of amazing buildings and other contemporary constructions in the city. The Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building and features a dizzyingly high observation deck, at 555 metres in the sky. The Palm Islands feature much of the city’s most exclusive and eye-popping real estate, including some of the most iconic hotels.

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Dubai: Favorite Areas

Dubai: Favorite Areas