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An exclusive holiday on the beach is spent in a 5-star hotel on the Mediterranean. In the style of Spanish fincas, Venetian villas or Greek townhouses they provide that certain something. This includes excellent service, gourmet cuisine at its best and a noble spa landscape. The Italian Elba is considered a charming destination with small towns on a crystal-clear sea. The Greek Santorini looks elegant with its blue and white hotels and on the Spanish Costa Blanca you can enjoy miles of beaches.

5 Star Hotels Mediterranean Sea

![5 Star Hotels Mediterranean]" (/public/cache/hotel/plain-nowater-nocrop/x/6406_gran_melia_don_pepe_19064958.jpg ""5 Star Hotels Mediterranean"")!!{© Gran Meliá Don Pepe}{.medium.right}!!link In the Mediterranean area, the demand for hotels of the upper class is very high. Five-star hotels in the Mediterranean are therefore popular for many holidaymakers who do not want to miss certain luxuries besides relaxing on the beach. The Mediterranean area attracts many holidaymakers every year with attractive beaches and good weather, many of whom choose a 4 or 5-star hotel as their holiday accommodation. Many of these luxury hotels offer wellness facilities, candle-light dinners and much more, so that one can enjoy the most beautiful time of the year without any worries. Large pool landscapes, private beach areas and sporting activities such as golf or tennis complete the offer of most 5 star hotels.

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