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Grande-Gaube has a natural setting that enjoys limited habitation which is quite serene. It is located far from the noise and bright lights of the city. It is nestled in the wilderness and surrounded by nature and the ocean. This small island is an excellent destination for luxury and adventure lovers, as well as for families with young children.

5 Star Hotels Mauritius

The Grand-Gaube is situated in northern Mauritius within the Rivière du Rempart district. It stretches along the magnificent coastline of the Indian Ocean. Various Mauritius 5 star hotels are found in this picturesque region. Visitors at the hotels can enjoy the cool sea breeze as they marvel at the panoramic beaches.

Fishing and kayaking in Grande-Gaube

Due to their proximity to the ocean, Mauritius 5 star hotels offer different water related activities like kayaking and fishing. These activities are fun and adventurous.

Outdoor activities

Nature walks are an opportunity to discover new vegetation and explore the parks. The turquoise lagoon is a major attraction. Luxury lovers can enjoy a spectacular view of the ocean as they take part in windsurfing and sailing. The beaches here are a haven for families. Various food stalls, play areas, cool breezes and lots of sand keep revellers coming back.

Nearby areas

Cap Malheureux, situated at the north of Grand-Gaube, has incredible beaches. It has a great reputation as a top fishing village. This area is surrounded by different species of trees. The red-roofed chapel is one of the most famous landmarks here. Grand Baie is another great attraction that lies west of Grand-Gaube. It is a vibrant area where visitors can shop and be entertained.

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