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Italy’s northern regions are beloved for their verdant natural surroundings, world-famous cities, and souring mountainous peaks. Northern Italy is also home to many gorgeous 5 star hotels, all of which provide the perfect base for exploring this exciting and bountiful destination. Visit the numerous vineyards offering robust reds made from unique grapes, or stroll Venice’s iconic canals, drinking in the romance of this timeless destination. Hotels in Northern Italy offer vacationers a wealth of possibilities.

5 Star Hotels Northern Italy

From the peaks of the Dolomites to the glistening Adriatic Coast, Northern Italy is a destination you can truly indulge in, and 5 star hotels in Northern Italy allow you to do just that. From woodland resorts in the Alpine foothills of South Tyrol to lake-front villas on Lake Garda, luxury hotels in Northern Italy provide exceptional customer service and unparalleled access to the region’s best attractions.

Northern Italy 5 Star Hotels: Lakes, Mountains, and Cities

South Tyrol: Rolling hills and Germanic sensibilities

When one imagines Italy, perhaps delicious cuisine, Roman ruins, or exquisite works of art spring to mind. Well, South Tyrol – Italy’s northernmost region – bucks all expectations and offers travelers a slice of true paradise that’s a world away from a traditionally Italian vacation. Luxury hotels in South Tyrol will overlook the verdant foothills and sparking lakes of the Dolomites, located in traditional South Tyrolian towns which would look more at home in Germany. The region is predominantly German-speaking too, adding to its mystique. Bolzano is the capital of this uniquely autonomous region, and rewards travelers with a medieval city center. In the shadow of the Alps, Bolzano’s Gothic Duomo di Bolzano looks even more dramatic, as does the impressive 13th-century Mareccio Castle. You can also find 5 star hotels in South Tyrol’s many breathtaking national parks, which provide active vacationers with exceptional hiking opportunities all around the Alpine foothills. The largest national park in Italy – Stelvio National Park - is particularly awe-inspiring and an ideal location for a comfortable 5 star hotel in the mountains of South Tyrol.

Lake Garda: Northern Italy’s premier vacation destination

It would be difficult to talk about the spectacular attractions of Northern Italy without mentioning one of its biggest draws. Hotels around Lake Garda provide vacationers with the ultimate base to explore this vast and beautiful body of water. Known for its hiking and biking opportunities, as well as days meandering through some of Northern Italy’s most delightful towns, Italy’s biggest lake is an attraction unto itself. Lying on the dividing line between the North Italian regions of Lombardy, and Trentino Alto-Adige, Lake Garda boasts a wealth of gorgeous towns, pristine beaches, and striking panoramic vistas. Indulge in the grandeur of a 5 star hotel near the fortress town of Simione and explore its palm-lined streets and ancient city walls completely surrounded by the cool blue water of the lake. To get the most out of any adventure to Lake Garda, make base with a hotel in Garda, Riva, or any other of the lake’s sublime towns and explore its bountiful coastline via charter or private boat. Lake Garda is also littered with serene vineyards that ring the slopes of its lower basin. Enjoy a glass of Bardolino – the local specialty – while watching the sun set upon the water.

Venice: Discover the Floating City

Venice is a destination that needs no introduction. Its draw has inspired artists and lovers for centuries, and has long been considered one of the world’s most picturesque destinations. Venice’s abundance of extraordinary 5 star hotels are unlike anything else you’ll find in Northern Italy. Built with the original facades of ancient Venetian buildings still intact, these hotels cling to their foundations directly over the city’s iconic canal complex. With a hotel in the heart of Venice, the city’s stunning sites are only a short stroll away. Spend an evening watching the Piazza San Marco gleam gold and orange in the dying light, before heading down an ancient cobbled alleyway to enjoy a slice of freshly made pizza. A luxury hotel in Venice also affords you opportunities to explore parts of the much-loved Adriatic Coast. Escape Venice for a day and unwind on the sun-drenched beaches of Lido di Jesolo – the ultimate way to end of a dream vacation with a 5 star hotel in Northern Italy.

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Favorite 5 Star Hotels in Northern Italy

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