Our insider tips: Small hotels with great charm

Rest, relaxation, well-being: small hotels boast a particularly intimate atmosphere, making them the perfect choice for a rejuvenating holiday. A small number of rooms, first-rate facilities, and a family-like atmosphere provide a cozy luxury widely sought after. A small hotel fits everywhere, on the winding streets of old towns, surrounded by Mediterranean landscapes away from all major cities, or directly on the sea or lake together with a private beach.

Small Hotels

Those looking for a stay that guarantees privacy and the utmost comfort should look no further than small hotels. Exclusively designed to please the customer’s senses in impeccable exteriors and interiors, these establishments often take after cozy villas and mansions in their style, while boasting a totally untroubled and intimate atmosphere.

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Oases in dynamic locations

With locations all around the world, from bustling city centers to little oases, tucked in lush mountain ranges, small hotels promise the best of all worlds. On the world-famous Spanish coastline, cuddle up beachside on Costa del Sol or Costa Blanca for a special escape, spent snacking on tapas and sipping Cava under the radiant sun. To see the real Mallorca, head straight for Palma’s Old Town, where you’ll be enraptured by the ambience of a bygone era: in every tour of a Gothic church, amble through royal palaces, and dip in the tranquil Arab Baths. France’s southern coast, Côte d’Azur and island, Corsica, seduce visitors with a remarkable joie de vivre. Whether an oasis within an oasis, or a little slice of serenity on a city break, small hotels are the ideal accompaniment to a holiday of any taste.

Intimate atmospheres: What makes a small hotel so special?

ome enjoy the company of hundreds of other guests, sharing common spaces and amenities, but others crave the comfort and privacy of a more intimate setting, to be left alone to relish in a holiday surrounded by peace and quiet. Imagine: an afternoon spent in the spa center alone with your partner, a peaceful lunch on the hotel terrace in only the company of your server, an evening in the bar with only your best friends in sight. Small hotels give off a feeling of homeyness and allow you to curate your vacation based on your own needs and desires. With the helpful assistance of your hotel staff, you’ll feel like a local in a totally new place — tuned in to the best tips and tricks of your dream destination. Wander out into the town, city, or countryside, all the while looking forward to returning to your peaceful room or hotel lobby. You can count on the perfect conditions for a relaxed and untroubled holiday: mouth-watering cuisine, spacious rooms, and of course, a unique atmosphere in each of these original establishments. On top of that, in interiors that can never be crowded, you’re guaranteed to always feel like royalty.

What else? Top service and amenities

Some small hotels prefer to stick to more authentic and classic approaches, while some strive for contemporary charm. All small hotels, though, hold modern conveniences and state-of-the-art amenities as a top priority. With a smaller number of guests, you can be sure that all your needs will be met by the dedicated personnel, receiving full attention consistently throughout your stay. These hotels may not be as grand as their larger rivals, but when it comes to quality of service and facilities, they are genuine paragons of hotel business. With small hotels all around the world, from the heart of bustling Istanbul to the stunning coasts of Sardinia, rest assured, no matter what kind of holiday you’re on, you’ll have a warm welcome to come home to.

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