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Small Hotels

For those who long to spend their vacation with all privacy and comfort they can possibly get, small hotels pose an excellent option for a secluded stay. Exclusively designed to please the customers’ sights with impeccable exteriors and interiors, these establishments often take after cozy villas and mansions in their style, creating most untroubled atmosphere. Some small hotels prefer to stick to authenticity and classic approaches, while others tend to enrich their setting with modernist motifs and contemporary decisions. All of this, however, is secondary to modern conveniences and amenities of perfect quality, which come as inevitable must. Due to a smaller number of customers, you can be sure that dedicated personnel will treat you with great attention, making sure all your needs are met. These hotels may not be as grand as their larger rivals, yet when it comes to the quality of service and the atmosphere, they are genuine paragons of hotel business. Here at Escapio you may find a complementary list of small hotels from a vast number of destinations, enough to fit any taste. You can always count on perfect conditions for a relaxed and untroubled holiday, mouth-watering cuisine, spacious accommodation and, of course, unique atmosphere in each of these original establishments.

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