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Ancient history, golden beaches, Renaissance cities and rich wines; there is no destination quite like Italy. The ‘boot’ of southern Europe is inspiring, offering a diverse cultural landscape to suit every kind of vacation. From the historic cities of Florence and Rome to the tranquil coasts of Sicily and Sardinia, hotels in Italy will help whisk you away to a timeless destination packed with elegance and excitement. You won’t be disappointed when you book a room overlooking some of the world’s most beloved sites.

Italy Hotels

From the cypress trees of Tuscany to the emerald shores of the Amalfi Coast, Italy’s wonders never cease to inspire. Whether you’re on vacation with friends, a loved one or the whole family, luxury hotels in Italy will be exceptionally located to enjoy the country’s rich landscape and cities. Glide along the canals of Venice, discover the ruins of Ancient Rome or relax on the golden beaches of Sicily; 5-star hotels in Italy will facilitate the perfect vacation.

Hotels in Italy: Out top destinations for the ultimate Italian getaway

© Residenza La Musa Amarcord

Ancient Cities: Rome & Florence

© Residenza La Musa Amarcord A hotel in Italy’s cities evokes a sense of mystery and wonder like no other. Housing ancient ruins, Gothic architecture and the seat of the Catholic Church, Rome is a destination unto itself. The country’s capital is a beguiling blend of turbulent history and culture, exhibited through the ruins of its Roman and Etruscan past. The most famous landmark of Ancient Rome is the Colosseum – an enormous amphitheater that once played host to deadly gladiator battles. Vatican City – the world’s smallest country – can be found within Rome, and is where the Pope resides. It is here that you’ll find the exquisite Sistine Chapel with its famous frescoes painted by Michelangelo.

To delve further into Italy’s illustrious past, visit the city which birthed the Renaissance – Florence. The capital of Tuscany, hotels near this famous Italian region provide access to both the sights of the city and its romantic surroundings. Marking Florence’s skyline is the Duomo, a 14th century cathedral with a distinct monochrome gothic façade. The Uffizi gallery houses some of the world’s most famous Renaissance art by Botticelli and da Vinci, while the Galleria dell’Accademia is where you’ll find the Michelangelo’s iconic David. Pick up a home-made gelato and take a romantic walk down the Arno to the Ponte Vecchio, a covered medieval stone bridge that’s another landmark of the city.

The Dramatic Coast: The Italian Riviera & Venice

© Hotel Palazzo Giovanelli e Gran Canal

Hotels on Italy’s dramatic coastline are perfect for families wanting to unwind on some of the Mediterranean’s most distinct shores. Combined with the exceptional Cinque Terra, the cascading cliffs and pebbled beaches of the Italian Riviera are a remarkable site when seen from the ocean. The pretty resort towns of La Spezia and Rapallo attract visitors for their seaside charm and laidback coastal setting, while the enormous port city of Genoa is where to head for a more cosmopolitan atmosphere. The Cinque Terre is the crown jewel of the area, and a luxury hotel nearby with exceptional ocean views is the perfect way to explore these five timeless and colorful villages.

The city of Venice needs no introduction. The iconic island town on the Adriatic coast is a haven for culture vultures and couples looking to discover arguably the world’s most romantic city. Hotels in Venice are all about gondola rides through the canals, people watching in Piazza San Marco and exceptional cuisine in the form of livers and bigoli pasta. Some 118 islands make up this unique lagoon, leaving the area road-free and connected with winding canals and ornate bridges. Admire the Byzantine architecture of Saint Mark’s Basilica and Venetian art at the La Biennale di Venezia. Hotels in one of the Italy’s most beloved destinations will leave you fulfilled.

Island Living: Sicily & Sardinia

© Villa del Golfo Lifestyle Resort

There are several islands that lie off Italy’s coastline that are just as enticing as the mainland. Sardinia’s charms lie in its coastal hideaways, sleepy villages and diverse mountainous topography. Ringed with white sand and vivid turquoise water, Sardinia is the perfect location to escape the hustle and bustle of Italy’s major cities and settle in for beach vacation. The Maddalena archipelago to the north of the island is a protected group of islands where luxury yachts roam the straits and travelers relax on pristine beaches. It’s also where you’ll find the enchanting Spiaggia Rosa which shimmers with mysterious pink sand and translucent water.

A hotel on the largest of Italy’s islands offers a whole new world of exploration. Home to Mount Etna, Sicily’s attractions are endless. Stop off in the multicultural capital Palermo to pick up fresh produce at its vast markets and admire the abundance of astonishing Norman and mafia architecture. Head inland to the historic towns of Modica and Ragusa to get a sense of what traditional Sicilian life looks like, or further south to Heraclea Minoa – an ancient Greek city with some of the best preserved ruins in the world. Explore all this and so much more with the variety of exceptional hotels across Italy.

Our Favorite Hotels in Italy

It is not always easy to find the special hotel for your vacation. However, the most beautiful hotels in Italy definitely include Botango, as well as Lefay Resort & Spa Lago Di Garda or My Arbor Plose Wellness Hotel. A list of only the best hotels in Italy can be found here: The most beautiful hotels in Italy.

These hotels in Italy have spa facilities and offer everything around the topic of relaxation & well-being: Hotel Sonnbichl and Parkhotel Holzner as well as Berghotel Jochgrimm. For more choice, check out this complete list of the best spa hotels in Italy.

These dream hotels are perfect for a romantic holiday in Italy: Suites & Breakfast der Forsterhof, Casa Alla Lega as well as Hotel Corte Bianca | Adults Only. A top list with our most romantic hotels in Italy can be found here: Most romantic hotels in Italy.

Playground, childcare and a child-friendly atmosphere - a holiday with the family in Italy is an unforgettable experience in these hotels: Villa Loggio Winery and Boutique Hotel and Royal Hotel Sanremo, but also Andreus Resorts. Here you will find the best family hotels in Italy.

You will find the very best 5-star comfort in these luxury hotels in Italy: Romantik Hotel Turm, but also in Hotel Monika or Hotel Lido Palace. You will find the most popular luxury hotels in Italy compiled here: All luxury hotels in Italy.

Among the absolute best design hotels in Italy are Designhotel Gius La Residenza, Vedetta Relais as well as Gloriette Guesthouse. If you want to have a look at all design hotels in Italy, you can find a complete list here: Top Design Hotels in Italy.

Among the most popular tourist regions in Italy are especially Northern Italy, South Tyrol, Southern Italy – wonderful destinations to have on your radar for holiday plans in Italy.

The top holiday regions in Italy to consider when planning your holiday are: Trentino Alto Adige, Tuscany and Veneto - popular destinations that offer hidden gems and are also suitable for solo travellers.

If you're travelling Italy, these popular cities are a must: Rome, Venice and Florence. Don't worry about too many tourists, each of these popular cities also has hidden places to discover.

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