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A wonderland for couples, families and friends, Sardinia is without a doubt one of the most beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean. With a stylish and modern beach hotel along Sardinia’s rich coastline you’ll discover what makes this island so special. From the stunning southern capital of Cagliari to the breathtaking pink sand beaches only found in the Maddalena archipelago, beach hotels in Sardinia are an exceptional vacation destination in Italy.

Beach Hotels Sardinia

A diverse and mountainous island off Italy’s Tuscan coast, Sardinia enchants with stunning scenery from coast to coast. Luxury beach hotels in Sardinia overlooking the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean will treat you to some of the most beautiful regions of the island, including the magnificent La Maddalena. The island’s vibrant coastal cities hide a multitude of historic wonders, and further inland are remnants of the island’s earliest settlers.

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Beach Hotels in Sardinia: Top Destinations to Discover along Sardinia’s Coast

Cagliari: Ancient History and Ocean Views

You’re sure to be enchanted by the colorful buildings that rise from behind Cagliari’s harbor walls. A gorgeous beach hotel here combines the best of Sardinia in one place, with access to protected beaches and eye-catching architecture. Begin your exploration of this quintessential Italian seaside city by visiting the impressive 13th century cathedral. Inside you’ll find royal tombs and relics of Cagliari’s long history. Beach hotels in Sardinia’s capital back onto palm-lined promenades with access to the impressive Neoclassical Bastione di Saint Remy monument. The center of the beachside action can be found on Poetto; an eight-kilometer beach that’s a popular spot for kite and windsurfers. The shore is lined with kiosks, restaurants and bars to keep you entertained well into the night. Sardinia is littered with remnants of Bronze Age settlements. One of the most intriguing can be found inland just north of Cagliari and is a great day trip from your beach hotel on Sardinia’s coast. Called Su Nuraxi di Barumini, the early fortress still stands today and is some 2,000 years old. It’s also a chance to explore the rural La Marmilla region of the island. Named the rolling mounds that puncture the landscape, La Marmilla is one of the richest archeological regions on Sardinia.

Alghero: A Medieval City that Shimmers in the Sun

Venture to Sardinia’s western coast and stay in Alghero. A medieval city overflowing with gorgeous buildings and breathtaking views, Alghero is a truly special destination for a beach hotel in Sardinia. Surrounded by sea walls that seem to shimmer in the sun, the historic center is a concentration of cobbled streets packed with restaurants, boutique stores and Spanish-style houses which are a result of Alghero’s Catalan influence. Beach hotels around Alghero and Sardinia’s Riviera del Corallo are luxurious and come with exceptional views over the Rada di Alghero. Here, white sandy beaches are lapped by blue water and snorkelers will find lots to discover beneath the waves – including the island’s famous red coral. Points of interest for adventure seekers can be found in the Regional Natural Park of Porto Conte. With lush flora and fauna, lagoons and sweeping views over the coast, Porto Conte is ideal for travelers looking to get out of the city and into nature. Furthermore, the Grotta di Nettuno is located at the southern end of the park and plunges you into a subterranean world of stalactites and stalactites. Boats to the cave depart from Alghero harbor regularly, which makes the grotto an exciting excursion while enjoying a beach hotel in western Sardinia.

Maddalena: Protected and Beautiful Beaches

© Grand Hotel Ma&MaLocated off the northern coast of Sardinia is a destination that draws some of Italy’s most stylish visitors to some of Sardinia’s most beautiful beaches. Consisting of seven major islands, the Maddalena Archipelago is an unspoiled paradise of white sand and transparent water. Head to the Budelli to see something truly unique. Known as the Spiaggia Rosa (or Pink Beach), the sand here appears to take on a pink hue thanks to the shells of local marine life. The best way to explore the archipelago is to captain your own yacht and take to the water, exploring all the hidden coves and isolated beaches along Maddalena’s shores. Personnel at your beach hotel in Sardinia’s hidden gem should be able to point you in the right direction. You could also try your hand at scuba-diving and snorkeling, or simply relax in the warm Italian sun. Finish your day by mooring in the historic harbor town of Cala Gavetta, and enjoy a freshly caught catch-of-the-day at one of the many exceptional marina restaurants.

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