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Verona with its legendary old town is a place of history: whether the famous amphitheatre Arena di Verona or the famous Piazza delle Erbe, a journey through time, impressive historical buildings and charming small streets with Italian cafés are guaranteed. In addition, the city impresses with a lot of fashion a la Italia and the latest trends. A stay in a boutique hotel rounds off your holiday perfectly and is the ideal temporary home away from home during a visit to Verona.

Boutique Hotels Verona

Verona is a city in Northern Italy of distinct grace and beauty as well as striking contrasts. Here fashion and style meet a lot of history, historical architecture and tradition. This special mix is what makes Verona so interesting and popular with many city holidaymakers. The boutique hotels in the city are located in the most beautiful places in Verona and are centrally located in the middle of the action. The individually managed houses convince with personal designs, a warm atmosphere and a touch of luxury. Ideal for those who want to travel in style and in a beautiful ambience.

Boutique Hotels in Verona: The most important regions & places at a glance

Historical and sightseeing in Verona: an old town, the amphitheatre & Romeo and Juliet

© Relais De Charme Il Sogno Di Giulietta! link Make yourself comfortable in the selected boutique hotel, get completely involved in the flair of the surroundings and explore the city with all its numerous facets. That’s what city trips and holidays in a boutique hotel are made for. Where to start when it comes to sightseeing in Verona? The city is home to a great deal of history, which explains the numerous historic buildings, places steeped in history and impressive architecture. The best place to start is the old town of Verona. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was founded in the 1st century BC. The Piazza delle Erbe, the city gate Porta dei Borsari, the Roman arched bridge Ponte Pietra as well as the Teatro Romano di Verona all belong to the old town and are world famous sights in Verona. One of the most impressive buildings is the Arena di Verona: the amphitheatre was built in 30 A.D. and in Roman times was the scene of gladiatorial fights with room for over 30,000 spectators. Today the theatre hosts the famous opera festival and numerous visitors from all over the world come to the Arena di Verona to see the impressive building for themselves. But what would a trip to Verona be without a little romanticism? The Casa di Giulietta is the perfect place to do so: in honour of the drama Romeo & Juliet written by Shakespeare, the house, the backyard and the famous balcony of the fictional tale. In the courtyard there is a statue of Juliet and a wall where lovers can leave their love messages. But no matter which of the many sights you choose, one or all at once, a day in the old town of Verona should be planned in any case, because there is a lot to discover.

Shopping and going out in Verona: Italian style & chic fashion

© Relais De Charme Il Sogno Di Giulietta! linkIn a Boutique-Hotel in Verona there is no way around good taste, chic facilities with style and a pleasant elegance. But a holiday in Italy promises stylistic confidence anyway, as the Italians are, without exception, known for their good fashion sense. A little shopping and being inspired by the latest fashion trends is therefore on the agenda of many boutique holidaymakers. Popular shopping streets include Via Mazzini, Via Capello and Via Borsari. The fashion shopping street Via Giuseppe Mazzini is centrally located in the old town. Here you can find everything your heart desires: well-known fashion brands such as Gucci, Armani and Dolce & Gabbana, but also somewhat less well-known Italian brands and smaller boutiques with chic fashion. Verona’s nightlife should not be forgotten during a holiday in the city: Hip clubs and bars can be found all over the city. Depending on your interests, you can find yourself in a somewhat quieter ambience with a glass of Gal wine or turn night into day in a club with live music.

The journey to Verona

There are daily flights from all major German cities to Verona. But you can also reach Verona by train or car without any problems: Verona is located between the A22 coming from Innsbruck and the A4. You can reach Verona by train from anywhere in Germany, this option is often not available as a direct connection, and requires several changes of train.

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