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Hotels Rome

Rome Hotels: La Dolce Vita, the eternal city, endless sightseeing and excellent shopping possibilities - this is Rome and this is Rome hotels. The classic sights of the Italian capital of Rome such as St. Peters, the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps or the Trevi Fountain are only a few of the highlights that Rome has to offer. An extensive shopping tour in Rome is not to be missed - thanks to the Italian designers. If this doesn’t convince you to visit Rome then perhaps its unique flair will: La Dolce Vita. While away an evening on the Spanish Steps in Rome or on one of the beautiful piazzas. Spoil yourself with traditional Italian cuisine or light Italian snacks such as pizza and pasta. Cool clubs, hip bars and the hustle and bustle on the streets until the early hours spellbind partygoers and nightlife lovers in Rome. But be careful: once you have been to Rome you will want to return. However you spend your days or nights in Rome, small Rome hotels from Escapio are the perfect basis for pure relaxation. We offer the following types of Rome hotels: boutique hotels Rome, design hotels Rome, 5 star hotels Rome. Enjoy choosing your completely personal Rome hotel.