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On the southern Mediterranean coast stretches Italy's enchanting Campania, which includes the picturesque Amalfi Coast. Small pastel-colored villages are terraced here along rocky bluffs. Further out to sea is Capri, the sun-drenched island with the legendary Blue Grotto, which has been idolized by numerous artists and literary figures. A city trip is spent in the UNESCO city of Naples, metropolis on Mount Vesuvius and cradle of pizza. For culture lovers, the excavation site of Pompeii is a must.

Hotels in Campania

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Italian south possesses a stunning countryside, hospitable and serene atmosphere as well as great coastline and several beautiful old cities. The province of Campania exemplifies everything pleasant from the south of Italy to impress travelers and make them happy. There you will find splendid Campania hotels, sandy beaches worthy of world-famous resorts, magnificent city of Naples and a great number of sights to explore. A surreal image of Antique temple standing right in the middle of pastoral landscape, an overwhelming monolith of Castel Nuovo, sweeping views of the Bay of Naples, ruins of Greek theatres lying on the bare ravine – these are only a few wonders to encounter. Irresistible charm of this province can only be compared with its unparalleled elegance and beauty. Combining Antiquity, Medieval, Renaissance and modernity, Campania has brewed a tantalizing drink of genuine rapture that emerges in your heart once you take a sip. See if you can drink to the bottom!

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