The Best Hotels at the Mediterranean Sea

Sun, beach and sea - a vacation on the Mediterranean is the classic par excellence! A city break in Spain's Barcelona is just as likely to take you to the sea as a beach vacation in Mallorca. France's Nice and Cannes on the Côte d'Azur offer sophisticated hotels on the Mediterranean. Italy's Liguria features picturesque terraced villages in pastel colors. If you love sightseeing, travel to Greece and explore the Minoan culture on Crete or Rhodes. Also historic, but just as ideal for the whole family, is Turkey with hotspots like Alanya and Bodrum.

Hotels at the Mediterranean Sea

Hotels at the Mediterranean Sea © Elounda Bay Palace

With its azure waters, gorgeous beaches, and resort towns, the Mediterranean Sea is a popular vacation destination. The Mediterranean Sea spans from the Atlantic Ocean eastward towards the Middle East, and is bordered by several European and African countries, providing you with a variety of destinations to choose from for a Mediterranean Sea vacation. There are many fabulous hotels located right along the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, providing you with amazing views as well as proximity to local attractions.

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