The Best Hotels on the Italian Riviera

Sandy beaches, an abundance of spa resorts and fabulous countryside surround the beautiful towns and cities on the Italian Riviera. Explore the historic spots of Genoa, Portofino and Ravenna, and eat, drink, and unwind in sublime surroundings. Not unlike the French Riviera, this region of Italy delivers some truly memorable experiences. Relax with a classy vacation at some of the finest hotels on the Italian Riviera, spiced up with plenty of sightseeing, body nourishment, swimming and sunbathing.

Hotels on the Italian Riviera

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Running along the northern coast of Italy’s Liguria region, the Italian Riviera is a truly romantic destination, characterized by picturesque villages, a rocky coastline, and an abundance of scenery and historic sites. Hotels all along the Italian Riviera offer visitors the chance to luxuriate in some of northern Italy’s most beautiful destinations. Cruise the Riviera from the port city of Genoa, catch a breath-taking sunset from a Rapallo rooftop bar, or unwind in one of the many deserted coves which pepper the coastline — hotels on the Italian Riviera offer you a timeless vacation in this stunning part of the Mediterranean.

Hotels on the Italian Riviera: Our top destinations for the perfect vacation

Genoa: The luxurious port city of the Italian Riviera

The capital of the Liguria region, Genoa is a charming city in the heart of the Riviera. Its port has brought wealth, commerce, and trade to the region for hundreds of years, and once home of famous explorer Christopher Columbus. These days the 22 kilometer harbor hosts luxury yachts and recreational cruise liners. In the heart of the city is the historic Piazza De Ferrari, distinguishable by its recently restored fountain. Other stunning sites include the Royal Palace of Genoa and Gothic Cathedral of San Lorenzo. The grandiose facades of Via Garibaldi house the famous residences of the Genoa’s 16th and 17th century elites, and a stroll through the old town will greet you with high-end shopping opportunities, cozy harbor-front cafes and an abundance of exquisite Italian restaurants. The city is also home to the biggest Aquarium in Italy, which takes days to fully explore and makes for a great family day out.

Portofino: A picture-postcard commune of the rich and famous

Pastel-colored houses, turquoise water and lush vegetation all make up the stunning village of Portofino. Hotels on the Italian Riviera around this classically Italian coastal town provides the perfect respite from the hustle and bustle of city life, offering countryside villas and Elegant Spas in the lap of luxury. The town is known for attracting the rich and famous, who flock to Portofino for its Luxury atmosphere. From the town, you can partake in plenty of recreational activities, including scuba diving, snokeling, and sunset boat tours, all of which leave from the picturesque harbor. Other splendid sites include the historic Castello Brown, a 16th-century Genoese fortress, and the Church of San Martino. Finish an evening in Portofino with a delicious seafood linguine in a cozy restaurant in the town’s colorful streets.

The Cinque Terre: Exquisite hiking and medieval villages

Hanging off the rugged coastline is a string of centuries-old villages, characterized by colorful cottages and rolling vineyards. The steep terraces of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore make hotels in this region of the Italian Riviera a dream for honeymooners, wine connoisseurs, and hiking enthusiasts. You can explore all five villages via the Sentiero Azzurro hiking trail, which gifts explorers with incredible ocean views over the Ligurian Sea. Further attractions to this timeless region include its variety of dry white wines and freshly caught seafood, brought in daily by the fishing boats that dot the coast. The Cinque Terra aren’t known for their beaches, but sun-worshippers can unwind on the white sand between Manarola and Corniglia, which lies at the bottom of a staircase built into the cliff side. Both locals and visitors alike enjoy sunning themselves on the rocks, and cool off by jumping off into the water. Hotels in the Italian Riviera offer vacationers a once-in-a-life-time adventure to one of Italy’s most dramatic coastlines.

Hotels on the Italian Riviera: Frequently asked questions

Close to the water, beach bar, beach chairs - these beach hotels are among the best on the Italian Riviera: Hotel Vis à Vis, Grand Hotel Alassio Resort & Spa or Grand Hotel Villa Balbi.

These dream hotels are perfect for a romantic holiday on the Italian Riviera: La Sosta di Ottone III, Hotel Vis à Vis as well as Grand Hotel Savoia.

You will find the very best 5-star comfort in these luxury hotels on the Italian Riviera: Royal Hotel Sanremo, but also in Excelsior Palace Portofino Coast or Grand Hotel Alassio Resort & Spa.

These hotels on the Italian Riviera have spa facilities and offer everything around the topic of relaxation & well-being: Grand Hotel Savoia and Royal Hotel Sanremo as well as Excelsior Palace Portofino Coast.

Having pool facilities while vacationing on the Italian Riviera is something special. These hotels offer a pool: Royal Hotel Sanremo, Excelsior Palace Portofino Coast and Hotel Vis à Vis.

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