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South Tyrol’s 5 star hotels are a fantastic way to appreciate this idyllic and traditional region of Italy. Sitting at the meeting point of three countries, its unique culture and ancient history are simply fascinating to discover for lovers of history and nature alike.

5 Star Hotels South Tyrol

South Tyrol is at the very northernmost tip of Italy, a stunningly beautiful region with alpine views and charmingly traditional towns. 5 star hotels in South Tyrol allow visitors to make the most of this elegant corner of Italy.

The regional capital of Bozen

© Alpenroyal Grand Hotel Gourmet & SpaBozen is the main town in South Tyrol, located near the Austrian and Swiss borders. It’s here you’ll find the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology, with its most famous ‘resident’, Ötzi the Iceman, being a local fixture. As well as learning about the story of this 5000-year-old mummy, visitors can enjoy exploring Bozen’s streets at the foot of the Alps.

Visiting historic Bruneck

Carrying on with the tradition of ancient history, Bruneck’s settlement dates from the Stone Age. It’s here you can learn about its development through the Roman Era and beyond, in the amazing Medieval castle. Bruneck sits to the far east of South Tyrol surrounded by hectares of forest. Also here is the South Tyrolean Folklore Museum, a fitting tribute to the area’s fairytale-like ambience.

Exploring the countryside of South Tyrol

Setting up base in one of the exquisite 5 star hotels in South Tyrol’s cities, you can then head out and explore the gorgeous scenery that makes the area so famous. Hotspots include the majestic Lake Resia at the crossroads of Italy, Switzerland and Austria and features the unusual sight of a submerged church jutting out of the water. There are a number of other lakes, castles and natural waterfalls to explore in the region.

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