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If you’re making the trek out to one of the most luxurious and beautiful places on Earth, the Amalfi Coast, staying at a boutique hotel is the perfect way to stay. Settle into hyper-contemporary interiors blessed with elegant impressions and romantic touches, in addition to all of the super high-quality amenities essential to a dream vacation. Lovebirds should beeline to the craggy cliffs of Ravello or the sleepy beauty of Praiano; lovers of the luxe should head to Positano; and those looking for a little city in their nature should check out Amalfi, Maiori, or Minori.

Boutique Hotels Amalfi Coast

To stay in style in already one of Italy’s most stylish destinations, a boutique hotel on the Amalfi Coast is the choice for you. Whether a honeymoon you’ll never forget amid super-chic design concepts & only the most luxurious in amenities and service, a little-city trip of the highest quality with the kids, or a classic, over-the-top opulent holiday in Positano, everyone knows the Amalfi Coast has what you’re after. Boutique hotels add an extra level of comfort and class to your stay, affording unmatched views of and off the coast and ultra-contemporary interior design, with some offering private beaches, champagne breakfasts, and even honeymoon balconies, tucked away for an extra special experience.

Where to stay at a boutique hotel on the Amalfi Coast? Top destinations at a glance

Positano: Where else?

© Palazzo Margherita Everyone’s heard of Positano’s sharp-cliffed shores, perfect beaches, charming boutiques, delicious Italian and fish-oriented cuisine, promise of celebrity sightings; there’s nowhere like it, & time and time again it does not disappoint. Here at a boutique hotel, you can expect super sweet service, like a cappuccino right upon waking, and all the best in romantic touches and elegant details. Positano is known for being a hotbed for glitz and glam — keep your eyes peeled for the stray celebrity, especially if you decide to zip over to the island Capris, which you definitely should. The steep, narrow streets are best traversed all day long and punctuated with long shifts in traditional trattorias for some of the world’s finest shrimp, redfish, and octopus dishes. The famous Church of Saint Mary of the Assumption appears like a dream on the craggy hillside; built in 1233, it is the only real ‘attraction’ in Positano. Having not much on the docket is one of the best things about a trip to Positano. Here there are no reservations about spending an entire day on the balcony of your boutique hotel, sipping cocktails on the beach, or just wandering around with the one you love.

Praiano & Ravello: Honeymoon calling!

You’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere as romantic as Praiano or Ravello. A boutique hotel in one of these fine locations promises that every detail is cared for, from the well-designed indoor pool to the trendy onsite restaurant to the cool glass elevator down to the beach available in some places. Looking beyond the modern design concept you’ll find coastal beauty seldom experienced. In Praiano, the sea lasts forever and the sky somehow lasts even longer. Framed by mountain landscapes, a sunset on the beach of the Fjord of Furore is sure to take your breath way. Fit for a honeymoon, bring your sweetie along to a boutique hotel and while away days in total luxury, waking up late for breakfast on the balcony and spending the afternoon wandering the sleepy old town, only to end back at the art museum-like boutique hotel. Ravello sits high and mighty on the cliffs looking over the coast and the town of Amalfi and is the perfect destination for a romantic escape. Having inspired the likes of Wagner, the Ravello Gardens host a long concert season where you can hangout and listen to classic chamber music and soak up the amazing sights.

Amalfi, Maiori, Minori: Bustling city vibes & the perfect family destination

Halfway up the coast is the oft frequented Amalfi Coast namesake town, Amalfi, a once hub for maritime activity until a 1343 earthquake that swept most of the city into the sea. Now a bustling beach town, one could theoretically discover the wonders of Amalfi in just a 20-minute walk, but after just a few minutes there, you’ll understand that there’s so much more. A boutique hotel in Amalfi will provide charming interiors filled with designer furniture, personal balconies or terrace areas, and private sunbathing areas. Take advantage of all that is a classic Italian beach day at Amalfi’s Il Duoglio, making sure to pop into any of the beachside establishments serving up fresh fish and negronis. Another great pastime is cruising around on a ferry or kayak leaving from the port in Amalfi. A boutique hotel in Maiori or Minori, located just up the coast from Amalfi toward Salerno, is a great option for those seeking luxury and class as well as a more laid-back, potentially family friendly vibe. Here there are fewer crowds, not quite as much general city elevation, just as much natural beauty, and longer beaches. There are also a suite of buildings that hold historical relevance, making it a bit richer in sightseeing opportunity than other towns on the Amalfi Coast, which are classically more about indulgence.

Good to know

Getting there & getting around: Most seasoned travelers have a scary story to tell about driving around the Amalfi Coast: yes, it’s quite frightening. The roads are very narrow, windy, and cliff-face, parking can be a nightmare, and local drivers can seem totally reckless given the conditions. That said, it’s a worthwhile experience for some as a car naturally grants you freedom to explore the coast in its full. You can also take ferries to get around between different cities if you want to use public transport and set up a home base for example in Positano. The individual cities and towns are walkable. The closest airport is in Naples; you can fly in here and rent a car but be warned that some say driving in Naples is even more treacherous than on the Amalfi Coast. One could also always take a taxi from the Naples airport for 70 or so euro. Many people also combine a trip to the Amalfi Coast with one to Rome, driving from there or taking the train to Sorrento and then the bus to your chosen coastal destination. In other words, it’s not the easiest place to get to, as is part of its allure.

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