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Northern Italy Hotels

Northern Italy can be reached from Munich and Innsbruck in just a few hours by car. Nevertheless, it opens the door to the Mediterranean way of life. The whole of Italy is reflected in the region around the Lake Garda: the north, which belongs to the Trentino, looks alpine, while the south with the pretty town of Sirmione already has a touch of Southern Italy and Roman “dolce vita”. In the west, little towns like Limone will enchant you, and on the eastern coast, the famous Bardolino wine is grown. To the north-east, there is South Tyrol with the bizarre mountain world of the Dolomites. South Tyrol is famous for its cuisine and hospitality, and guests will immediately feel at ease in the cozy Northern Italy hotels. And to the north-west, in the Lombardy region, you will find the fashion hub Milan with its elegant boutiques, the La Scala Theatre and some quiet unusual design hotels. And don’t miss the chance to visit one of the famous Vineyard Hotels in Northern Italy.

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