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With diverse landscapes, picturesque coastlines, and vibrant culture, Spain is an amazing destination. There is no better way to experience all that Spain has to offer than to stay in one of the country’s paradores. Paradores are widespread and encompass modern comforts and luxurious décor while retaining the historical charm of the landmark buildings in which they are housed. Whether you want to explore World Heritage attractions, or relax on a beach, the perfect paradores is waiting for you.

Paradores Spain

Its ideal climate, perfect location, pristine coastlines, diverse typography, historical legacy, excellent infrastructure and vibrant culture make Spain one of the most popular international tourist destinations. Spain’s luxury paradores hotels are spread across the country, from Basque Country to the Canary Islands, Andalusia to Catalonia.

Paradores in Spain: Most important regions at a glance

Art and culture in Catalonia

Catalonia boasts endless coastlines along the Mediterranean, and awe-inspiring views of the Pyrenees, but it is not just its natural attractions that make this such a popular destination. There are so many cultural, architectural and artistic attractions in this northeastern area of Spain that you won’t know where to start. Gaudi’s emblematic Sagrada Familia Cathedral is just one must-see. The paradores located here provide travelers with the opportunity to take advantage of these beautiful landscapes and cultural attractions while enjoying upscale décor and modern amenities.

A feast for the senses in Andalusia

Whether you want to explore the galleries and festivals in Malaga, the World Heritage sites in Seville or the Moorish flair of Granada, Andalusia has the perfect paradores to make your stay unforgettable. With a variety of natural landscapes, a thousand different gastronomical delights and numerous cultural attractions, Andalusia is a true feast of the senses. The Alhambra Palace still has many secrets to uncover, while festivals like Easter Week and the April Fair in Seville are sure to entice you with their vibrant flair.

Soaking up the sun on the Canary Islands

Located in the sparkling blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, just off the coast of Morocco, the Canary Islands are home to some of the most beautiful paradores. Boasting breathtaking mountain panoramas or ocean views, the paradores on the “sunshine center of Europe” are tastefully furnished and well situated. Five of the seven islands are declared Biosphere Reserves, so it goes without saying that the Canary Islands offer breathtaking natural landscapes. Even in winter, the seven islands sunbathing in the Atlantic ocean are the perfect getaway.

Our Favorite Paradores in Spain

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