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Madrid Hotels

Sleeping in a Madrid Hotel? Madrid is the capital and at the same time the imperial city of Spain. Elegant Hotels and Luxury Hotels Madrid decorate the charming streets together with monumental buildings like the Museo del Prado, Thyssen Bornemisza Collection, the Opera or the Royal Palace. Madrid is a cosmopolitan city and in its quarters like Chueca and Huertas, the new tendencies and Design Hotels are as hip as the tint fish sandwiches! Business and rush are mixed with shopping and distinction. Can you imagine a city like this? Come with Escapio to a Madrid Hotel and discover it! We offer to you Design Hotels Madrid, Convention Hotels Madrid, Boutique Hotels Madrid, City Hotels Madrid, located directly in the centre. But you can find as well Romantic Hotels Madrid, Honeymoon Hotels Madrid, Historic Hotels Madrid or Wellness Hotels Madrid with Escapio. Just have a look and find your Hotel Madrid!

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