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Quiet hotels in Spain offer a real escape from the milieu and provide a totally relaxing and rejuvenating Spanish vacation. Discover sleepy fishing villages and peaceful suburbs with access to luxury facilities and excellent activities. With quiet hotels in Spain you can relax by the ocean or stroll around a rural town, admiring its medieval architecture. Adult’s only and fica hotels are also available, so you can be sure you won’t be disturbed for any reason during your vacation.

Quiet Hotels Spain

Picture yourself on a deserted beach located on the glittering Costa del Sol, or exploring a remote Spanish village; all this and more is possible when you book a quiet hotel in Spain. Quiet, peaceful hotels allow you to get the most out of your vacation without battling the summer crowds or student travelers. While Spain is famous of its bustling, cosmopolitan cities and rambunctious nightlife, it’s also home to miles of beautiful countryside, hillside towns, and plenty of deserted coastlines to explore with a quiet hotel located in a secluded spot.

Discover the magic of Majorca

Quiet Hotels in Spain: The best locations to enjoy a peaceful vacation

© Hotel Las Madrigueras Golf Resort & Spa | Adults only The island of Majorca in Spain’s Balearic archipelago is visited for its excellent beaches, party atmosphere, and stunning Serra de Tramuntana Mountain range. While Magaluf and Palma attract hordes of young and attractive vacationers throughout the year, the rest of this Spanish island is littered with peaceful coves, picturesque cycling routes, and plenty of quiet hotels. Beyond the mountains to the west of the island is Port de Sóller, a peaceful resort town packed with boutique stores, cozy restaurants, and a sleepy harbor, all located in the shadow of the Tramuntana. A former smuggler’s cove, Port de Sóller has a rich maritime history which can be seen in its eponymous harbor; with an abundance of yacht charter rentals for relaxed days on the water. The village also has a San Francisco-style tram which ferries vacationers and locals past luscious citrus trees and classic Spanish architecture. Further east is the beautiful town of Artà, the ideal location for a quiet hotel in Spain. Dominated by the 14th century Sanctuary of San Salvador, Artà is a peaceful and ancient town with narrow, tree-lined streets – ideal to wander around on sunny days. Just outside the village is the historic Bronze Age settlement of Ses Païsses, and the nearest beach is Cala Ratjada on the island’s east coast.

Peaceful vacations in Estepona

© Hotel Las Madrigueras Golf Resort & Spa | Adults only Venture to Spain’s iconic Costa del Sol and you’re likely to find beachfront nightclubs and a feverish atmosphere, but the Costa del Sol is more than just Malaga and Marbella. Stretching for 159 kilometers, the Costa del Sol encompasses some of the Spain’s most breathtaking scenery, and has plenty of quiet hotels so you can find your dream vacation in this coastal paradise. Venture to the sun-soaked and palm-lined streets of Estepona, located in the south of the Costa del Sol. Estepona is one of the oldest resort towns in the region, offering the perfect retreat with its unique pueblo architecture and historic old town. Brightly-colored flowers adorn its spotless streets, which lead you to the azure blue Mediterranean and picturesque Paseo Marítimo promenade. Admire the sun setting on the ocean from this prime location each evening. The road to the beach also leads to the Lighthouse of Punta Doncella, which proudly steers ships into the Strait of Gibraltar to this day. Quiet hotels in this part of Spain provide a relaxed vacation with charm only the Costa del Sol can offer.

A taste of Spain in Andalusia

© Can Simoneta | Adults Only Andalusia is everything vacationers love about Spain. Aside from the glittering Costa del Sol, Andalusia is famed for its diverse topography, breathtaking cities, and the birthplace of Flamenco. Quiet hotels in Spanish hilltop towns here provide the best in traditional cuisine and awesome scenery, making it the ideal spot for a peaceful and relaxed trip. Located atop a limestone ridge, Arcos de la Frontera is a perfect example of this. Arcos de la Frontera’s volatile history stretches all the way back to the Stone Age, and the town’s perilously perched Church of San Pedro looks out upon the rolling hills of the Cádiz province. A typical ‘pueblo blanco’ (white village), the town is woven with narrow streets and white-washed buildings hiding all manner of tapas bars, boutiques, and art galleries. Quiet hotels in Andalusia’s capital Seville provide all the luxury of a big city with the laidback atmosphere of a smaller town. Seville sparkles with orange tree-lined streets, souring churches, and ancient history; shaped by the Moorish invasion and trade boom of the 16th century. Spend the afternoon exploring the fabric stores and cafes that make up the Alvarez Quintero, and stop for tapas at one of the many traditional restaurants around this collection of cobbled streets.

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