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Whether you’re seeking a tranquil island getaway or a rustic retreat in the remote wilderness, nowhere exudes romance quite like Spain. Let the wind play with your hair, the sunshine kiss your skin and the sandy golden dunes of a Spanish island tickle your feet as you watch the waves roll in with your loved one. Hike along idyllic mountain trails, stroll through lively old towns and share the aphrodisiac delights of local tapas. Romantic breaks in Spain offer seemingly unlimited choices.

Honeymoon Hotels Spain

If you are a couple who enjoy long romantic walks on the beach, then a honeymoon hotel in Spain is the perfect choice for you. But it’s not just coastal locations with endless stretches of sand that will have you falling in love with Spain all over again. Sprawling cities pulsate to seductive sights and sounds, wild adventures beckon on the remote northern coast and let’s not forget the sun-kissed islands just waiting to be explored. After all the sights and sounds have been taken in, a table for two on candlelit terraces bursting with local tapas awaits at a honeymoon hotel in Spain.

Romantic retreats: The best honeymoon hotels in Spain

Tantalizing city breaks: Magical Madrid & Bohemian Barcelona

© Parador de Cangas

Madrid and Barcelona are seductive. After exploring the arts and culture of Spain’s two largest cities, find an intimate spot in a restaurant where you can enjoy the country’s first love – its incredible gastronomy. Start the day dunking decadent churros in chocolate sauce before marvelling at the masterpieces of Spanish painters in Madrid’s abundance of art galleries and museums. Or stroll hand-in-hand along the Rambla and enjoying the Bohemian charm and energetic buzz of Barcelona, where you can admire Gaudi’s impressive architecture. There is no better way to explore the La Pedrera than a night tour complete with a glass of Cava. A trip to Retiro Park is one of the most romantic things to do in Madrid, where you can rent a rowing boat and enjoy intimate moments alone. In Barcelona, the Ciutadella Park is the best spot to enjoy with your sweetheart. The Templo de Debod, a second century Egyptian temple and the only monument of its kind in Spain, is the perfect location to watch sunset views that are second to none. For fantastic 360 degree views of Barcelona, Bunkers el Carmel is the place to be. The traditional Spanish cuisine and countless cultural attractions of Madrid and Barcelona will sweep you off your feet.

Northern Spain: Wild nature & Wine regions

Love is in the air while staying at a honeymoon hotel in northern Spain. If it’s charming rural hideaways with breath-taking views you want, that’s exactly what you will get in northern Spain. Honeymoon hotels in this region typically come in the form of a parador, which is a luxury hotel usually located in a converted historic building like a monastery or a castle. Framed by the golden coastlines of the Bay of Biscay, soaring mountain peaks and lush green valleys, northern Spain is all about romantic countryside retreats. Outdoor enthusiasts and couch potatoes alike will be awed by Picos de Europe National Park, Redes National Park and Ponga National Park. At Picos de Europe, hike up or take the Fuetede cable car for the most stunning views over deep ravines, rivers, beech and oak forests. Home to more than 500 wineries, what makes the La Rioja wine region so unique is that some wineries allow horseback riding through their vineyards. If that doesn’t make you starry-eyed, we don’t know what will. It’s the lush hillsides that frame San Sebastian that add to its beauty and its close proximity to France (just 19km) that make it so attractive to visitors. This popular beach resort boasts one of the world’s best urban beaches and is a foodie’s dream come true as well – three of Spain’s seven Michelin starred restaurants are located here. The city is also jam-packed with pintxo bars where tapas are lined up on the bar like a buffet, Basque style. Located near the caves of Altamira, the perfectly preserved medieval village of Santillana del Mar on Spain’s west coast, is well worth a visit. A sweet treat is waiting for you in the little town of Comillas on Spain’s north coast – a colourful minaret-style tower tiled in green and gold, El Capricho is one of Gaudi’s earlier works.

Island getaway: From Llucmajor to Lanzarote

© Bahia del Duque

Honeymoon hotels are not restricted to the Spanish mainland. Many island destinations, from the Balearic Islands to the Canary Islands, are yours to explore by boat, kayak, foot or whatever tickle’s your fancy. Forget Palma de Majorca – Llucmajor is where you can explore authentic Majorcan culture. A mere 30-minute drive from Palma, it is a haven for history buffs and an excellent choice for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking, biking and golfing. The honey-coloured charm of Deià at sunset will have you begging for more. Throughout the ages, writers, actors and musicians have called Deià their second home. Just like them, you will fall in love with this charming village in Tramuntana, flanked by citrus orchards, almond and olive groves, set against a picturesque mountain backdrop. Whether it’s mind-blowing natural beauty on Lanzarote, the laid-back charm of Gran Canaria or the expansive vineyards in Tenerife, you can’t go wrong with the Canary Islands. Pick an island and get packing. There is nothing more romantic than being castaway on a sunny Spanish island with white sands and pine-scented air. Secret coves and stunning beaches invite you to take a dip in the sea, and seafront restaurants where you can indulge in a seafood platter for two are waiting for you at a honeymoon hotel on the islands of Spain.

The Balearic Islands holiday destination at a glance:

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