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The tranquil municipality of Oia is located in the very north of Santorini. The quiet coastal village on the island of the Cyclades is famous for the rocky landscapes along the Aegean Sea and the smaller bathing bays. Here, holidaymakers in search of peace and quiet can spend peaceful and relaxing days in the Greek sun and can also spontaneously set off on excursions across the island at any time, for example to gaze at the iconic white houses for which Santorini is world-famous. Among the hotels in Oia there are some traditional accommodations grouped along the steep mountain slopes, offering their guests a breathtaking panoramic view. Alternatively, there are some luxurious resorts right on the coast.

Trips and activities on Santorini

The coastal areas in the south of the Mediterranean island are known for their picturesque sandy beaches, which can be reached quickly from Oia. Especially the Red Beach, the Perivoli Beach and the Kamari Beach invite you to sunbathe, relax and swim in the turquoise-blue water. From the municipality of Oia it is also only a few minutes’ walk to Ammoudi Beach. Here island tourists can look forward to a stony coast and crystal-clear water. The conditions here are ideal for diving and snorkelling. Those who prefer wind and kite surfing, or sailing should visit the east coast of Santorini. There the Monolithos Beach is considered an insider tip among travellers. Even off the beaches there are attractive destinations for excursions: In the heart of the island, hikes through the Profitis Ilias massif, whose highest point measures 567m, are recommended. From the peak there, hikers can enjoy a fantastic view over Santorini and the smaller surrounding islands. By the way, these are also suitable for varied day tours, as they can be reached quickly by boat. Also recommended are boat trips to the larger islands in the north, such as Sikinos, Mykonos or Antiparos. The ferries regularly depart from the port of Athinios in the west of Santorini.

Numerous sights in Oia and the surrounding area

One of the cultural highlights on Santorini is the prehistoric village of Akrotiri on the south coast. The first inhabitants settled here during the Bronze Age and until today some ruins have been preserved which testify to the life of that time. From the antiquity there is the town of Alt-Thera, which is situated on a mountain top in the east of the island. Here visitors stroll through the historic walls and enjoy an impressive panoramic view over the Mediterranean Sea. If you want to learn more about the past millennia on Santorini, you can visit the small archaeological museum of Thira, where various excavation pieces are exhibited. The island in the southern Aegean Sea is not only world-famous for its white houses, its picturesque coastline and its eventful past, but also for its wineries. In the Wine Museum in the centre of Santorini, visitors can learn more about wine production and the different grape varieties. A visit to the Santo winery is considered an absolute insider tip. Guided tours will tell you more about the fine wines and you will be able to taste some of the delicious wines directly on the spot with a phenomenal view of the Aegean Sea. Finally, it is worthwhile to visit the church of Firá, in the capital of Santorini. The church with its white walls and iconic blue dome is considered one of the island's architectural landmarks.

Delicacies from the South Aegean

On Santorini, the taverns, restaurants and coffee houses invite you to enjoy culinary delights, the latter being not only known for their excellent coffee but also as meeting places for the locals. Here you can philosophize about politics and many other topics while enjoying freshly prepared food. Especially the evening meals are celebrated here extensively and are spread over several courses. The start is often made with rich soups, such as the hearty lentil soup Faki or the down-to-earth bean soup Fasoláda. Pumpkin soup or fried sardines, the so-called gópes, are also considered delicacies on the island. As a main course you can often find Juvétsi noodles au gratin on the menus of many restaurants. They are served with lamb or beef. Another classic is the Moussaka casserole, which consists of zucchini or aubergines with potatoes, minced meat and béchamel sauce. Also recommended are the hearty cabbage rolls Láchanodolmádes, filled with minced meat and rice, as well as the fish soup Kakawiá and the macaroni minced meat casserole Pastítsjo. While the locals like to drink the traditional herbal brandy ouzo at the end of their meals, during mealtime water and wine are most often served. Typical for Santorini is the sweet wine Vinsanto, which is exported all over the world. Very popular is also the white wine Nykteri, which is dry and strong in alcohol and tastes especially delicious when chilled on ice in the summer months.

Weather and best travel time for Santorini

Situated in the very south of Europe, the Greek island of the Cyclades is characterised by its Mediterranean climate with extremely mild winters. Around the turn of the year, holidaymakers in Oia can look forward to maximum temperatures of around 15°C, making the weather perfect for hiking, cultural trips and city tours. From May and until late October the thermometer climbs to well over 20°C and the sun shines almost 8 hours a day during these transitional periods. In high season, between June and September, the conditions are ideal for classic swimming holidays. In the middle of the year you can look forward to temperatures of about 30°C throughout and almost 10 hours of sunshine a day. Also, the Mediterranean Sea warms up in July and August to a pleasant 25°C, but still promises a welcome cooling off while swimming. Even spring and autumn are suitable for windsurfers and kite surfers, however, a wetsuit is advantageous on particularly windy or cooler days.

Arrival from Germany to the hotel in Oia

A direct flight to Santorini, which is regularly offered from many German cities, takes just under 3 hours. After landing on the island, it is best to take a taxi or use the shuttle buses to reach the hotel in Oia- This takes about 25 minutes. Alternatively, you can also travel from Germany via Athens. In the Greek capital you can either take a plane or a ferry.

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