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Chania Hotels

One of the most beautiful cities on Crete, Chania is unique in terms of its cultural, historic and architectural legacy. It has survived three major eras – Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman, named by the countries to which it belonged in the past periods of Chania’s glorious history. As a result, it boasts combined influences of Turkish, Byzantine, Italian and traditional Greek architecture, which consequently form the most beautiful old city to be found on Crete. There are a few other places to see an Orthodox church neighboring a Muslim minaret, a mosque surrounded by Venetian buildings and a Byzantine lighthouse dominating the mixed Venetian-Ottoman harbor. In addition, the city offers wonderful Chania hotels and boasts a lively nightlife, offering the abundance of crazy nightclubs, Greek taverns and other entertainment-oriented establishments. Regardless of what you prefer – sightseeing or amusements – you will not be disappointed. A cradle of three civilizations densely mixed up with traditional Greek spirit, Chania is a must-visit Cretan destination.

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