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The pretty Italian island in the Gulf of Naples is very green with macchia flora, fruit trees and vineyards and a very mild climate. Artists have always appreciated its inspiring and relaxed flair. Hotels in Capri city can be found in the charming colourful white houses. The place is ideal for shopping and mixing with people. The romantic Anacapri enchants with its old town. Must-sees are the shimmering Blue Grotto and the impressive Faraglioni rocks, which are best crossed by boat.

Hotels in Capri

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Capri is the island of handmade leather sandals, luxury hotels and designer clothing. The beautiful landscape is characterized by vast plateaus, quiet bathing bays and mysterious caves. The sea around Capri is crystal clear. When snorkeling and diving, holidaymakers come across colorful coral reefs.

Capital of Capri: characterized by elegance

Capri has been a popular destination for international celebrities since the 19th century, with numerous celebrities meeting here. The sophisticated character of the island is reflected in the shops of the capital: designer shops and noble boutiques shape the cityscape. In the exclusive shopping streets such as Via Vittorio Emanuele and Via Camerelle, holidaymakers can purchase the famous Capri pants from the 1950s as well as artistically decorated, handmade sandals. Just as luxurious as the shops are the hotels on Capri. The selection includes highly discerning, elegant accommodations. A popular meeting place in the capital is Piazza Umberto I, located in the heart of the historic centre. Elegant cafés and restaurants with beautiful outdoor terraces tempt you to linger with a view of the church of Santo Stefano. The baroque church from the 17th century captivates with its magnificent chandeliers.

Impressive natural attractions

The majority of the unique sights of Capri are true natural beauties. The ''Blue Grotto'' is one of them, it is one of the most famous attractions of the island. The cave in the northwest, which has only a narrow entrance, can only be reached by small boats. From the Marina Grande harbour, among others, excursion boats lead to the cave. The sight of the sea water inside, which is a deep dark blue with a unique luminosity, is fascinating. The gardens of Augustus are another popular excursion destination: Here, visitors stroll along an abundance of flowers in elaborately designed flowerbeds. The lush green, old tree population provides shade. The view of the mighty Faraglioni cliffs rising high from the turquoise blue sea is spectacular. In former times these replaced a lighthouse. At night, the population lit fires here to warn sailors.

Highest beach comfort

Many beaches in Capri are man-made, as the coastal areas are almost exclusively characterised by steep, rugged rock formations. This has led to comfortable bathing areas, such as on the beach Da Luigi ai Faraglioni, near the cliffs of Faraglioni: deckchairs, placed on stone slabs, invite you to sunbathe. Where it goes into the water, carpets provide a pleasant walking sensation. The quiet atmosphere allows relaxing hours. At the Lido del Faro, which slopes gently down into the sea, things are livelier. This beach is very popular with families with children and young locals. In the north of the island is the Spiaggia Marina Grande. Sand and gravel form the subsoil here. If you rent a pedal boat, you can discover the beautiful island from the water. The Spiaggia Cala Ventroso, which visitors can only reach by boat, is known for its rugged cliff scenery. From here you can also reach the Verde and dello Champagne caves.

Under and above water a dream

The underwater world around Capri is as attractive as the island itself. Divers get to know a unique paradise: In the crystal-clear sea, impressive cliffs and canyons dominate the overall picture. The rich flora with yellow, red and bi-coloured gorgonians, numerous sponges, sea squirts and algae make for a colourful picture. Divers also discover large shoals of small fish, seahorses, cave and moon fish. It is usually possible to book an organized diving excursion through the hotels on Capri. Lovers of long walks can enjoy the island's magnificent panoramic views. It takes about 20 minutes to get from Piazza Umberto I to the panoramic terrace Belvedere. The path leads past several luxurious hotels of Capri and villas worth seeing. When you arrive at your destination, you will enjoy a unique view of the Amalfi Coast, the bay of Marina Piccola and the mountains Castiglione and Solaro.

Excellent culinary highlights

Capri's cuisine is Neapolitan in style, with the island's countless discerning guests helping to ensure that only the best is served. Sea specialties are offered in almost all restaurants. From sea bass and octopus to lobster and crawfish, there is a wide variety of dishes. Since Capri is hardly suitable for livestock farming, there is a rather small selection of meat dishes available. These include the wild rabbit dish Coniglio all'ischitana, which owes its delicious taste among other things to the white wine and tomato sauce. Its roots lie on the neighbouring island of Ischia. Another culinary highlight is the aubergine dumplings Polpette di melanzane: Their filling of cooked ham, Parmesan cheese and toasted bread delights even gourmets. Selected regional red and white wines are the perfect accompaniment for lunch or dinner.

All around Capri climate

The Mediterranean climate of Capri entices you to enjoy an outstanding holiday all year round. In January and February, the coldest months, the temperature rises to an average of 12°C during the day. December is the month with the most precipitation, with rain expected on about 13 days. The more adventurous travellers go for a swim out at sea as early as May and as late as November, when the water temperatures reach 18°C. The daily maximum temperatures of about 29°C in July and August also promise pleasant times. During these months, island visitors enjoy many hours of sunshine without much heat.

Best travel time to experience festivals and music in Capri

From May on Capri has a lot to offer. Measured by the festivities of the island, the best time to travel begins here, which extends well into August. On May 14th, the locals celebrate their patron saint. For this they carry his statue through the city to the church Santo Stefano, surrounded by colourful fair, music, dance and fireworks. From June to August Capri is full of music: chamber music can be heard from the Villa San Michele and from Piazza San Nicola in Anacapri, while real Italian hits are played in other numerous places.

By plane or car on the way to the hotels on Capri

The hotels on Capri can be reached by holidaymakers comfortably with a flight to Naples. Direct connections can be booked from most major German cities. From Berlin the route takes 2h15min flight time, from Frankfurt/Main 1h55min and from Munich 1h40min. At the airport, travellers can book a rental car and drive to the Molo Beverello port. There you have the possibility to park the car on a guarded parking lot. A ferry brings guests to the hotels on Capri. Taking your own car is usually not allowed and not recommended due to the narrow streets."

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