The Best Hotels on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is one of Italy’s most diverse and eye-catching destinations. Colorful towns cascading down steep cliff sides, luxurious island day trips and unrivaled ancient wonders make Amalfi a truly romantic getaway. Hotels on the Amalfi Coast have access to all this plus exceptional service, comfortable surroundings and views of the coast that will sweep you off your feet. Your vacation on the gorgeous Amalfi Coast begins here.

Hotels on the Amalfi Coast

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Encompassing some of the most dramatic coastlines in Italy, the Amalfi Coast is an idyllic destination to explore with friends or loved ones. Within easy reach of Capri, Sorrento and the ancient city of Pompeii, hotels on the Amalfi Coast provide a particularly stunning base to explore the surrounding sights. Whether you want to relax next to a pool, explore the boutique stores in Positano or discover the secrets hidden in Herculaneum, hotels on the Amalfi Coast will have you covered.

Hotels on the Amalfi Coast: The best locations for a hotel on one of Italy’s most seductive coastlines

Discover the charms of the Amalfi Coast

Spanning 50 kilometers along the southern coast of the Sorrentine Peninsula, the Amalfi Coast seduces visitors with azure water, stunning natural scenery and colorful hamlets which seem to plunge into the ocean. A hotel on the Amalfi Coast is the best way to explore this slice of Italian paradise. Not only will you awaken to breathtaking ocean views, but stylish hotels on the Amalfi Coast are fitted with facilities like swimming pools, spas and restaurants so you can truly unwind on your vacation. One of the area’s most popular and beautiful destinations is Positano; a compact hamlet of gorgeous pastel-colored buildings which has been transformed from a quaint fishing village into a dream vacation destination. Stroll down the steep and tightly packed streets lined with boutique stores and cozy cafés before hitting the impressive Marina Grande Beach sprawling below the cliffs. This beach with its sun loungers, bars, clubs and restaurants make up the heart of Positano’s social scene. Not far from Positano is the start of the "Sentiero degli Dei" (Path of the Gods) walking route which weaves its way high above the coast, offering stunning vistas over the Amalfi Coast. Hotels near Ravello also offer stunning views over the majestic coastline. Located high above Amalfi, Ravello breathes romance into every corner of its hilltop location. The picturesque resort town charms with classic stucco buildings, lemon trees and dizzying promenades overlooking the Gulf of Salerno. Stroll hand-in-hand with your loved ones at the gardens of Villa Cimbrone for a taste of Ravello’s magnificence.

Capri: An Idyllic Island Escape

From your hotel on the Amalfi Coast the luxurious island of Capri is only a short ferry ride away. Disembark in the Marina Grande to begin your exploration of this idyllic island, first heading to Capri town where sun-kissed streets, white limestone cliffs and luxury boutique shopping make Capri so popular with Italy’s wealthiest residents. The island features several exceptional attractions for the perfect day trip from your Amalfi Coast hotel. The famous Blue Grotto is a natural wonder created by sunlight passing through an underwater cavity, giving the cave an eerie and ethereal blue glow. Head to the elevated town of Anacapri for further designer stores and alfresco dining. Take a chairlift from town to the summit of Mount Solaro – the highest point of the island – for an exciting way to enjoy stunning views over the Amalfi Coast and the still-active Mount Vesuvius beyond the Bay of Naples.

Sorrento: Limoncello & Italian Class

After returning to the mainland from Capri, and before heading back to your hotel on the Amalfi Coast, make sure you stop off in the simply charming town of Sorrento. Often called the gateway to the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento is famous for limoncello – a sweet lemon liquor made in the surrounding valleys – which is a must-try on any vacation in southern Italy. Enjoy a coffee in the central Piazza Tasso before exploring the streets that weave off it, packed with cute souvenir stores. A great reason to stay with a hotel on the Amalfi Coast or Sorrento is its proximity to the ancient city of Pompeii – preserved for thousands of years after Vesuvius’s famous eruption in 79 AD. If you’ve had your fill of Pompeii’s incredibly well-preserved ruins, head into the nearby city of Naples. Here, a second smaller Roman town – Herculaneum – can also be explored. From your hotel on the Amalfi Coast, Italy’s history can truly be brought to life.

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It is not always easy to find the special hotel for your vacation. However, the most beautiful hotels on the Amalfi Coast definitely include Hotel Margherita, as well as Casa Angelina | Adults only or Hotel Poseidon.

Having pool facilities while vacationing on the Amalfi Coast is something special. These hotels offer a pool: Hotel Margherita, Casa Angelina | Adults only and Hotel Poseidon.

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