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Hotels Catalonia

Catalonia is situated in the north-eastern part of Spain along the Mediterranean coast, bordering on France, Andorra and the Spanish communities Aragon and Valencia. Catalan people are very proud of their special Statute of Autonomy confirmed by the amendment in 2006. They even have three official languages. Besides Catalan and Spanish, the Occitan dialect Aranese is spoken in the Aran Valley, a region in the Pyrenees. But don’t worry, English will be understood in popular bathing resorts all-around the Costa Brava, e.g. Lloret de Mar, as well as in cities like Barcelona. The fascinating capital of Catalonia is really worth a visit alone for its famous “Sagrada Familia”, unfinished masterpiece of Antoni Gaudí. A sightseeing tour by bus might be the best way to have a look on his works like Park Güell and Casa Milà. Those who are more interested in surrealism should travel to Figueres. Salvador Dalí was born there and is buried in the crypt of his “Teatro-Museo”.