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Crete luxury hotels are a perfect holiday spot for history buffs, culture fans, and beach lovers alike. This cradle of civilisation and mythology has places of historical interest as well as beautiful beaches, majestic white mountains and authentic villages.

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Luxury Hotels Crete

The largest of the Greek Islands, Crete has everything a beach holiday needs – long sandy beaches, water sports, beach bars, and rocky bays. Crete luxury hotels offer first-class services, VIP perks and the best rooms, making a holiday to this Greek island an even more lavish experience.

Where to stay in a Luxury hotel in Crete?

Historical attractions in Crete

King Minos was the legendary King of the Minoans, the Mediterranean’s first maritime power. The Palace of Knossos, located near the capital city of Heraklion, is said to be the palace of King Minos. It is believed that the courtyard of the palace was used to stage events like ‘Bull Leaping’.

The Heraklion Archaeological Museum is considered to be one of the most important museums in Europe. The archaeological finds from all over the island of Crete are displayed here. Visitors can view artefacts from the prehistoric, Roman, Hellenic, and Bronze Age here.

Crete’s best beaches

Elafonissi Beach in Chania is one of the most recognised beaches of Crete because of its appearance on brochures and posters. ‘Elafonissi’ in English means ‘Island of Deer’, and this beach is renowned for its coral pink sands and crystal blue waters. Located on a national reserve, this beach is lined with lots of cedar trees.

The golden sands and azure blue waters of the Vai Beach offer visitors a very Caribbean atmosphere. Surrounded by the largest palm tree forest in Europe, this beach attracts many travellers during the peak season. Visitors will get lots of opportunities to go snorkelling, jet skiing, and windsurfing here.