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Croatia has a lot of variety for travellers seeking 5 star hotels, with the capital being a hotspot of culture and Dubrovnik and Split offering their own unique charms. Whether you’re into beach life, museum hopping or touring little-known attractions by boat, 5 star hotels offer the perfect way to enjoy Croatia in comfort.

5 Star Hotels Croatia

Croatia is a fairly compact but impressively varied destination with everything from cosmopolitan cities to breath-taking beach resorts. 5 star hotels in Croatia offer visitors the opportunity to experience the luxurious side of this fascinating country.

Soaking up the culture of Zagreb

© Valamar Dubrovnik President Hotel The Croatian capital is located in the heart of the country near the Slovenian border. Zagreb astonishes many visitors with its eye-popping architecture such as the imposing Gothic cathedral and the Art Pavilion which sits on beautiful grounds. Luxury breaks here offer the best of this attractive city which tempts visitors to indulge in some designer shopping at the Oktogon Passage shopping centre.

Exploring historic Dubrovnik

Located at the southern tip of Croatia at the coast, Dubrovnik is an excellent place to soak up sun, history and get some seriously enviable photos. A walled city which was once the national capital, you’ll find it next to the crystal blue Mediterranean Sea, and it has an enchanting Old Town with a range of monuments to visit.

The sailor’s paradise of Split

© Valamar Dubrovnik President Hotel Split remains the top spot for fun by the sea, and day trips by boat to hidden gems including the island of Hvar will make the holiday unforgettable. Split also boasts a range of ancient ruins including the Roman Diocletian’s Palace around which the town centre is built. There are more wonders to behold here including the two Egyptian sphinxes, and of course the white sand beaches.

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