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Few places in Europe command such a sense of historic wonderment as the Italian capital. Packed with ancient structures, Baroque architecture and home to the world’s smallest country, 5 star hotels in Rome place you in the center of this bustling metropolis. From the bohemian Trastevere to the imposing Colosseum, Rome is a vacation of endless highlights. What’s more, 5 star hotels in Rome offer access to the beaches of Lazio and charming villages of Tuscany.

5 Star Hotels Rome

The former capital of the almighty Roman Empire, Rome’s turbulent and bloody history is carved into every corner of the city. At the height of its power, Rome was a city of opulence and dominance, building enormous architectural wonders, statues and palaces to honor the Emperors and Gods which ruled over the vast empire Rome commanded. Today, the city is a bustling and modern metropolis boasting Michelin-starred restaurants, high fashion, rooftop bars and exceptional 5 star hotels. Rome is more than just its history, making it a diverse destination for all visitors.

5 Star Hotels in Rome: Luxury Accommodation in the Italian Capital

Rome: The Heart of an Empire

With a 5 star hotel in the heart of Rome, some of the world’s most beloved historic sites will be right on your doorstep. If this is your first visit to the Italian capital, you will likely have a packed itinerary, making 5 star hotels the ideal luxury retreat from the often hectic atmosphere of the city. Sites travelers to Rome should absolutely not miss are the ruins of the Roman Empire, which can be found all over the city. The most widely admired are the vast Roman Forum, the Pantheon and the almighty Colosseum, where Gladiators met their end in bloody hand-to-hand combat in front of 50,000 spectators. At almost 2,000 years old, these well-preserved ruins are a testament to Roman engineering. Make sure you toss a coin into the baroque Trevi Fountain; marvel at St Peter’s Basilica, and spend hours browsing the wares of hawkers and street artists in Piazza Navona. If it’s museums you’re after, 5 star hotels in Rome will locate you within walking distance of a variety of the world’s best galleries and archeological museums, including Galleria Borghese, the National Gallery of Modern Art and Villa Farnesina. To enjoy majestic views over the city then head to the Janiculum. If there wasn’t enough to see and do in Rome already, a visit to the Holy See should be in everyone’s list when staying with a 5 star hotel. Located to the west of Rome, Vatican City serves as the world’s center for Catholicism; home to the Pope, Cardinals and countless highlights. Crammed into this tiny independent state is a treasure trove of renaissance art, architecture and history, including the stunning frescoes painted by Michelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Once you have experienced all of Rome’s sites like a tourist, venture from your 5 star hotel into one of the city’s most-loved districts; Trastevere. The attractive medieval neighborhood lies just beyond the Tiber and provides a mix of craft beer bars, traditional Italian eateries and houses the splendid Piazza di Santa Maria with its 12th century basilica. In the summer months, temperatures in Rome can soar to a blistering 88F (31C), so it’s good to be prepared with a fully air-conditioned 5 star hotel with spa faculties or a swimming pool to help you cool down and make the most of your stay.

Explore Italy: Lazio & Tuscany

Rome’s location in the heart of the country makes it a superb base for exploring some more of Italy’s other numerous attractions. Italy is well-connected by train and bus lines, so daytrips from Roma Termini or Roma Tiburtina railway stations into the surrounding Lazio region are easy and recommended. Believe it or not, Rome is only 30 minutes from the Tyrrhenian Sea, so you can even tie in some beach time while staying with a 5 star hotel in the heart of Rome! The most popular locations to catch some sun are Mediterraneo Beach in Fiumicino and Faber beach in Ostia. Lazio is also home to the Caminno di San Benedetto pilgrimage route which runs for 300 kilometers from northern Umbria, through Lazio and on to the border with Campania. For active couples with a 5 star hotel in Rome, this recently modernized walking route is a fantastic way to enjoy some of the region’s rural charms. Furthermore, Rome is only one hour and 30 minutes by train from Florence; the birthplace of Renaissance Italy. Bask in the shadow of the spectacular Duomo, visit iconic art at the Uffizi Gallery or simply enjoy a homemade gelato in the bustling Palazzo Vecchio. For an extended stay, 5 star hotels in Florence are also available. Furthermore, daytrips into Tuscany from your Roman 5 star hotel are just as romantic as you’d imagine. A drive in the countryside will greet you with vistas studded with rolling golden hills, noble cypress trees and medieval hilltop villages to explore. 5 star hotels in Rome offer a plethora of daytrips, escapes and excursions for the perfect vacation in central Italy.

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Rome: Favorite Areas

Rome: Favorite Areas