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From the infinity pools of Santorini to the Greek mythology of Crete, the Greek Islands have long evoked a sense of mystery and wonder. Greece has an astounding 6,000 islands, of which only 227 are inhabited, each one offering vacations that range from sophisticated and luxurious to rural and charming. One thing for sure is that beach hotels in the Greek Islands provide the very best accommodation, each with unique ocean views, access to private beaches and exceptional service to make your Greek vacation truly memorable.

Beach Hotels Greek Islands

From the blue roofs and white-washed walls of the Cycladic Islands to the Byzantine churches and castles of Dodecanese, beach hotels in the Greek Islands offer a vacation you’ll never forget. Choose from a variety of exceptional beach hotels overlooking the ocean, and discover these mystical islands that have inspired literary works such as Louis de Bernières’ ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’ and Homer’s epic Greek poem ‘The Odyssey.’ Spread throughout the Ionian and Aegean Seas, beach hotels in this Mediterranean paradise provides an idyllic getaway.

Beach Hotels in the Greek Islands: Top destinations for a timeless vacation in paradise

Legends Comes to Life in Crete

The country’s largest island is also its most versatile; offering beach hotels with access to ancient wonders as well as glittering coastlines. Begin your adventure on Crete with an excursion to the island’s capital Heraklion before heading to the coast. Here you’ll find Knossos, an archeological site and the location of the famous Theseus and the Minotaur legend from Ancient Greek mythology. Stroll around the ruins of the palace complex that features vividly restored frescoes, Minoan columns and a throne room. While Heraklion is a great spot to see legends come to life, beach hotels on northern coast of this Greek Island are perfect for a relaxing vacation in traditional Greek surroundings. In Rethymno, several beaches stand out depending on what you’re looking for. For sun loungers and excellent facilities, the best beaches can be found on Agia Galini and Panotmos. With gently lapping waves and soft golden sand, these beaches are ideal for families. Wild stretches of peaceful paradise can be found off the beaten path, perfect for couples young and old looking for a little privacy. Triopetra and Geropatamos are some of the quieter spots to bask in the Greek sunshine. To discover an old town with a gorgeous Venetian harbor, explore the city of Chania. Narrow streets packed with stores and waterfront restaurants make for a charming evening by the sea. Finally, the beach hotels around Phalasarna and Kissamos further west will complete your excursion to this beautiful city.

Naxos, Paros & Mykonos

Beach hotels in the Greek Islands place you among Europe’s most spectacular coastlines, but few islands in Greece are as beloved by the younger set as Mykonos. Famous for its glitzy atmosphere and exciting nightlife, Mykonos’ 5 star beach hotels come with luxurious infinity pools and Cycladic architecture that is unique to only a handful of Greek Islands. To combine the best of all three; beaches, nightlife and 5 star luxury, head to Platis Gialos, known for its romantic allure and beach parties. For something a little more subdued, venture to Naxos. Compared to Mykonos, Naxos is a world away – despite being located just across the water. With impressive mountains and lush valleys, beach hotels in Naxos are ideal for active travelers wanting to explore on foot. The neighboring island of Paros is equally peaceful and is known for its traditional villages and exceptional beaches. Beach hotels on this Greek Island allow for relaxed cruises on turquoise water, exploration of the rock formations at Kolympḗthres and learn about the ancient settlements that once called the island home at the Paros Archeological Museum in the capital Parikia.

Santorini, Rhodes & Corfu

Santorini beach hotels are among the most romantic destinations in the Greek Islands. Hotels hanging off the steep cliffs are set among the iconic midnight blue roofs and sugar cube-like buildings. They will whisk you away to an island paradise that simply begs to be explored. Stay in either Oia or Fira – both of which overlook the submerged Santorini caldera and provide everything you need on your getaway. Stroll down gorgeous alleyways which hum with life in the form of bars, stores and traditional Greek tavernas. The sunsets here are magnificent. If you want to enjoy further archeological sites alongside a bustling nightlife, look no further than Rhodes. Rhodes Town features historic Ottoman, medieval and Italian influences found in sites like the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes and the Acropolis. Finally, beach hotels in the Greek Island of Corfu are ideal for families. Away from the bustling Corfu Town, the island features plenty of relaxed and private inlets that can only be accessed by those in the know – or locals at your beach hotel. According to legend, the island also welcomed a shipwrecked Odysseus before he returned to Ithaca. Discover tavernas on the beach, hike into the mountains and enjoy views over neighboring Albania.

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