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With its distinct culture, ancient history and exceptional climate, vacations in Greece pack a punch. From the Gods of Mount Olympus to the Acropolis of Athens and the Cycladic architecture of Mykonos, beach hotels along the Greek coast offer a touch of magic which you won’t find anywhere else. Discover hidden coves, luxury hotels, romantic towns and delicious Greek cuisine when you choose to stay in a shore-front beach hotel in Greece.

Beach Hotels Greece

From Athens to Crete, Greece makes for a diverse and exciting vacation destination. Stay in the country’s capital to admire the ruins of the ancient world, or head to the islands of the Aegean to unwind on the luxury islands of Mykonos and Santorini. Beach hotels all over Greece put the Mediterranean on your doorstep, as well as providing exceptional service and access to swimming pools, Michelin-starred restaurants and views over the ocean that you’ll remember for years to come.

Beach Hotels in Greece: Our top destinations for the perfect beach vacation in Greece

Athens & the Greek Mainland

Your gateway to the Greek Islands, Athens should not be missed. Known throughout the world for the ancient Acropolis that can be seen from almost anywhere in the city, Athens is both parts history and modernity. Here the ancient world collides with hip bars, trendy neighborhoods and a bohemian atmosphere. Located right by the bustling Piraeus port, a beach hotel close to the Greek capital means you can enjoy the best of the city’s thousands of years of history and find the perfect patch of sand to lounge on when you want to escape the city. Built in 447 BC, the Parthenon is an icon of the city’s skyline. Dedicated to the Goddess Athena, it’s a must-visit when in Athens. Further vestiges of the ancient world can be found in the Acropolis Museum, which houses thousands of artifacts from the height of Ancient Greece’s power. Greece’s mainland is often overlooked in lieu of the islands, but there are a handful of hidden gems that make the area a great destination for a beach hotel. Xylokastro’s wide sandy beaches and Kalamata’s sunny harbor both make excellent seaside destinations. One thing is for certain – beach hotels anywhere all over the Greek mainland will offer world-class service and exceptional ocean-front rooms.

Escape the crowds in the Greek Islands

© Bill & Coo Suites and LoungeFrom the port at Piraeus or Athens airport it’s easy to access the Greek Islands. Mykonos and Santorini are two of the most popular, yet there are 225 others that it’s possible to visit. Escape to the lesser explored but equally captivating island of Naxos. Packed with white sand beaches, sleepy Greek towns, olive trees and plenty of flora and fauna, Naxos provides a more traditional Greek getaway. Naxos town is where you’ll disembark and notice the white facades of the charming Cycladic buildings which beautifully contrast against the light blue water in the harbor. Naxos town is a great spot to enjoy fantastic Greek cuisine in one of the many tavernas that line the seafront. Moussaka, feta cheese and grilled lamb are staples. Next to Naxcos is Paros, another island that’s ideal for a beach hotel. This Greek island is equally peaceful and well known for its lovely beaches. Take to the island’s hiking trails to find the 19th-century lighthouse on Cape Kórakas or walk up to Ágii Anárgyri monastery for beautiful views over Parikiá and the ocean beyond.

Crete: Myths, Legends and Beaches

© Elounda Gulf Villas & SuitesThe largest of Greece’s many islands; Crete is another exceptional and diverse location for a beach hotel. The island is the setting of the famous ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’ myth, as well as the supposed birthplace of Zeus. Just outside Heraklion – Crete’s largest city – you will find Knossos, where the myth supposedly took place. There you will find the impressive ruins of the palace complex, built somewhere between 1700 and 1400 BC. Not only does Crete provide unrivaled access to Greek mythology, but its beaches are some of the most beautiful in the archipelago. Beach hotels in the north of Crete will offer access to Balos, a stunning stretch of sand in the Chania region. Surrounded by turquoise water on three sides, Balos is breathtaking, and allows for exploration, sunbathing and swimming. Not far from Balos is Falassarna, a picturesque beach perfect for families thanks to its soft white sand and excellent facilities. To the south of the island is Preveli, the site where the Kourtaliotiko River runs into the sea, creating a lagoon-like delta.

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