The Best Hotels in Palma de Mallorca - Old Town

Old Town Palma de Mallorca is an ideal destination to visit for active holidayers and families as it has a rich history with significant points of interest. Visitors can enjoy shopping and a vibrant nightlife close by, too. Your hotel on Old Town Palma provides access to various sites including the gorgeous Sa Seu Gothic Cathedral, Bellver Castle’s stunning views and the various museums and art galleries that bring the city’s cuture and history to life.

Hotels in Palma de Mallorca - Old Town

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On the south coast of Mallorca sits vibrant Palma Old Town; a beautiful hub of the larger Palma city. It’s a star attraction of the island, which has managed to maintain its ancient yet beautiful culture for centuries. Nature enthusiasts, versatile vacationers and anyone looking to set out on a fun-filled vacation will find Old Town Palma irresistible. The city also offers an excellent combination of gastronomy, culture, shopping, hotels, and nightlife. Located right on the Mediterranean, the city’s port is packed with gorgeous yachts, cafés, and bars to discover and breathtaking beaches to unwind. A visit to Palma de Mallorca with loved ones translates to memories that will be cherished forever.

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How to discover Palma Old Town

Booking a hotel in Old Town Palma de Mallorca is easy, as there are many options available close to the city, and touring Old Town Palma by bike is a grat way to explore. There are experienced tour guides who help bikers get around the city and along the stunning coastline. Alternatively, visitors may choose to walk through the town enjoying the beautiful atmosphere of Can Veri and the pretty Sant Miquel. The rest of Mallorca is also accessible, meaning adventures in the Serra de Tramuntana and nothern coastline are encouraged.


People on vacation in Old Town Palma find Portixol an ideal place to stay. Portixol is right in the outskirts of Palma, only a few kilometers from the famous Cathedral. Portixol has several hotels close to the beach which visitors can choose from, including Portixol Beach and the large and centrally located Can Pere Antoni beach.

Paseo Maritimo

The long stretch on the seafront close to Old Town Palma is incredibly inviting. While in Paseo Maritimo, visitors get an opportunity to enjoy a perfect and relaxing cycle or stroll in the early mornings or evenings. Paseo Maritimo offers a huge number of bars and clubs for visitors who want to experience Palma’s nightlife. The port here is also close to the trendy distict of Santa Catalina, which features many cute cafes and boutique stores.

Son Vida

Design enthusiasts find Son Vida the perfect place to stay fur its architecture and meticulously designed villas and well-maintained golf courses. While visiting Palma Old Town and staying on Son Vida, travelers get a chance to enjoy luxurious lifestyle offered by the many spas and five-star hotels in the area. Visitors do not need to travel far to enjoy the major attractions of the city either; from Son Vida, Palma Old Town a stone’s throw away, so can easily enjoy exploring the winding alleyways, Gothic churches and scenic squares of Palma’s El Casco Antiguo.

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