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Asturias Hotels

A wondrous province of hospitable Spain, Asturias houses the most picturesque corners of this incredible country and offers some unique gourmet experience, together with pleasures of fascinating scenery, vivacious cities and diverse historic legacy. As many other parts of Spain, it exquisitely combines the old and new, yet the former is vividly prevalent, maintaining the genuine spirit of the past, fueling fables and lore. Asturias also features some beautiful coastal corners, which are equally great for swimming or sunset-watching. The capital city of Oviedo offers some typically urban sights like Oviedo Cathedral, and fabulous old city. Charming countryside harbors some peaceful and enchanting corners like Somiedo Lake, Dobra River and a charming village of Ceceda. A variety of Asturias hotels will never leave you without an accommodation, while abundance of sights and places for exploration will ensure the richness of impressions and many delightful memories to reminisce.

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