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The beautiful mountainous region of Spain, Cantabria is a green crown on its rocky forehead, and can be called the land of beauty. What makes it so special? Perhaps it is for unspoiled nature, featuring large territories of green valleys and foothills, as well as formidable summits of Cantabrian Mountains. Relatively wet climate ensures grassy plains to emerge, as well as some splendid woodland and dense network of rivers and streams. Cantabrian coast is another proof of nature’s generosity, with solitary beaches, cozy rias and quiet bays. The capital city of Santander is a real heaven for nightlife-lovers and urban tourists, enclosing fabulous old city, coastline and some fabulous Cantabria hotels you can find on Escapio. The region harbors numerous little towns worthy of a postcard and a quick visit, and stunningly beautiful natural reserves. If you wish luxurious vacation with beautiful scenery and city comforts, you should definitely consider this wonderful province.

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