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Perhaps J.R.R. Tolkien may have had the proverbial pride of Aragon in mind when he gave his human character Aragorn her name. With pride, the inhabitants of Aragon represent their region even today. Landscaped by the Pyrenees in the north and the Ebro River, Aragon's hotels are popular destinations for free spirits and individualists. Life pulsates in Zaragoza and the Basilica del Pilar above the banks of the Ebro is the city's landmark, as beautiful as it is famous.

Hotels in Aragón

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If you don’t find Aragon on your list of destinations to visit in Spain, then you should probably put it down there. Aragon is one of the best spots to vacate in this beautiful country. It boasts a diverse variety of landscapes, architecture and cities like nowhere else in Europe, and has a lot to offer for both nature and urban tourists. The capital city of Zaragoza is literally a congregation of masterpieces, beginning from Nuestra Señora Del Pilar Basilica and finishing with many well-preserved medieval fortifications. Another pleasurable bonus to observe there is sunsets on Ebro River. For unique visual and aesthetical experience, visit Teruel – a town of breathtaking architectural beauty. For splendid scenery and serene atmosphere you should go to the country and get acquainted with small villages, beautiful Aragon hotels and stunning landscapes. Aragon is far from the coast, yet it still possesses many treasures that can capture your attention and ensure your 100% satisfaction.

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