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If you’re looking to get the most from your stay in Palma de Mallorca’s Old Town, look no further than a small hotel. In cozy interiors with a locals-only vibe, you’ll feel the true spirit of Palma: peaceful, luxurious, and beautiful. Cuddle up in pleasant interiors among freindly staff, before taking a day to wander the cobbled streets to the port, the beach, or the iconic cathedral and palace.

Small Hotels Palma de Mallorca - Old Town

Palma de Mallorca’s luxurious port welcomes visitors onto the island and into the lovely Old Town. The capital of this well-known Balearic Island is often underestimated but has much to offer. The gothic cathedral, La Seu, and the royal palace, La Almudaina, tower above the roofs of the Old Town and its lavish hotels. The historic flair of the Passeig del Born and the medieval maze of alleys in the stairway district meet trendy boutiques, a lively cultural scene, and a wide range of museums. A small hotel in Palma de Mallorca’s Old Town promises to have you all cozied up within a homey, yet luxurious, atmosphere.

Where to stay at a small hotel in Palma de Mallorca Old Town?

Old-Town Flair, Port-City Charm, and Boutique Shopping

© Hotel Cort Palma de Mallorca is situated behind the famous cathedral and known for its postcart-esque architecture, cobbled streets, and real-city vibes. The small hotels that line the pretty streets exist at the meeting point between historical ambiance and modern sensibility. They boast top-of-the-line service and a familiar, family-like energy, as well as first-class amenities sure to make you feel like royalty. The old-timey splendor of Palma’s Old Town is best experienced slowly, on foot. Take some time to traverse the winding alleys past cute cafes and boutique shops. To get right to the beating heart of the city is to head to Plaça Major, the central plaza populated with street musicians and lively locals. Just a step away, you’ll find a different spirit of Mallorca than the beach-going, party-hopping one: here the cobblestone streets are surrounded by tall walls and lovingly restored houses with green shutters. At the Passeig del Born, wrought-iron gates open up to views of romantic backyards. South of the Plaça Major is the sloping stair quarter, a paradise for shopaholics. Here Mallorcan designers show off their work in small shops and elegant galleries. At the port, revel in the energy of the nearby sea, a certain sailor-charm, and the smell of salt in the wind. Ships from all over Europe and North America, including the likes of luxury yachts and cruise ships, have been stopping over here for hundreds of years. The gothic Le Seu cathedral looms over the harbor; made of brown sandstone, the church is the city’s symbol. Right next door is the equally impressive royal palace of La Almudaina, built in an Arabic style. If all that’s not enough, your small hotel won’t be more than a 15-minute walk from Palma de Mallorca’s sun-stained beach.

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Getting there: Palma de Mallorca is the most accessible destination on Mallorca from other locations in Europe. Upon arrival at the Palma de Mallorca Airport, take a 20-minute cab ride or a 30-minute bus ride straight to your hotel in the Old Town.

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