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With 18 municipalities, architectural attractions like dry-stone buildings, scenic views, limestone peaks and farming terraces that date back to Moorish times, Tramuntana has so many delights that perhaps one visit is not enough. Whether it is discovering the region’s gastronomical heritage, hiking to explore the exquisite beauty or simply a refreshing beach holiday that visitors are looking at, Tramuntana 5-star hotels will not disappoint.

5 Star Hotels Tramuntana

Natural beauty meets historic attractions in the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, a Spanish region that has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tramuntana stretches over 90km long, and is located along the north-western coast of Majorca is diverse enough to offer varied activities and attractions for every traveller. There are plenty of options among 5 star hotels in Tramuntana where the discerning traveller can indulge in luxurious services after a day of sightseeing and exploring the fascinating region.

Idyllic charm in Deià

With a name that means ‘Village’, the region of Deià will be particularly appealing to travellers with an interest in music and art. Choosing to stay in a Tramuntana 5-star hotel here gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy sweeping vistas of the sea and soak in the vibe that inspired many a poet, musician and writer. The Archaeological Museum and the former residence of English poet Robert Graves are some of the places to visit during a stay in Deià.

The hotspot of Port of Soller

With a lovely beach promenade, two beautiful lighthouses and several eating options, the Port of Soller is a lovely little village to stay in. Places to visit here include the Playa d’en Repic Beach, the Soller Marine Museum and the Santa Catalina – an interesting old fisherman’s quarter.

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