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Ibiza is an island of pleasing contrasts, with popular beaches as well as hidden waterside gems, a number of gorgeous natural features to admire and a great nightlife to discover. Being relatively compact, the well-placed 5 star hotels in Ibiza are often in proximity to the best attractions and hot-spots but far away enough to offer serenity should you want it.

5 Star Hotels Ibiza

Ibiza is renowned the world over as a legendary party destination, but it’s actually also an excellent place to unwind with a luxurious beach holiday. 5 star hotels in Ibiza allow visitors to choose between exploring this beautiful island in peace or heading into town to dance the night away in one of its many clubs.

The best beaches in Ibiza

Luxury travellers to Ibiza will appreciate the lesser-known and highly enjoyable beaches on the island, which include Es Portitxol and Cala Llarga. The former is an excellent place to appreciate the glorious nature of this surprisingly unspoiled island, with the nearby forest offering a majestic backdrop to the water. Cala Llarga offers a similarly secluded feel for sunbathing or swimming in peace.

Sights to visit around Ibiza

There’s a wealth of activities to enjoy in Ibiza, depending on individual tastes. These include strolling through Ibiza Town which remains surprisingly quiet during the day and has a particularly charming Old Town. Watersports are naturally very popular on the island, with boat tours and windsurfing among the popular choices on offer.

Partying on the island

Of course, many visitors choose to come to Ibiza to partake in its famous party scene. Ibiza Town and San Antonio are the two popular destinations for drinking and clubbing, with the main strips of each town being full of exciting and vibrant places to explore in the evening.

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