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Costa Blanca: Favorite Places

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Costa Blanca Hotels

Costa Blanca is another fabulous stripe of heaven-like coast, situated in the generous country of Spain. It stretches from Denia to Torrevieja, comprising a vast part of Valencia province, which makes it something more interesting and exciting than an ordinary coastal area. There is indeed more to Costa Blanca than classy resorts and sandy beaches. Boasting a variety of beaches with scenic views of the sea, as well as splendid countryside, it can also offer you some historic spots and destinations like Valencia and Alicante, where you can admire Spanish architecture with some oriental influences, stroll inside a maze of streets and alleys in their central areas. Catch a glimpse of fabulous cathedrals, exquisite and lavish town halls, numerous gardens, parks and churches, indulge in many restaurants and cafes for some cuisine experience – and most importantly, relax and make the most of your stay at Costa Blance hotels.

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Costa Blanca: Favorite Places

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