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Switzerland small hotels are genuine pearls among suchlike establishments offering paid accommodation. Spread across the country from Zurich to Bern, Genève, Lucerne and many other notable cities, towns, villages or beautiful natural corners, these charming hotels will be your guide through numerous treasures of Switzerland – from Zytglogge of Bern to Zurichsee, challenging alpine climbs, green meadows, cool lakes and mouth-watering cuisine to be just a few. The country itself represents cultural diversity, comprising Italian, German and French roots – and so do Switzerland small hotels, among which you may meet German dedication, Italian kindly and hospitable character as well as lively French spirit. This is just one of the great things that makes such wonderful hotels absolutely unique and unlike any other European clienteles. The land of the Swiss is extremely rich in impressions that are never limited with historic and cultural monuments or natural surroundings: every moment of your vacation here will be saturated with the atmosphere of coziness and irresistible charm, as everything from sunbeams glittering on the waters of Aare River to soothing sweetness of fondue is worth a praise. Switzerland small hotels are no expection.

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