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Andalusia small hotels are scattered from Seville to Granada, nestling close to sandy beaches, cobblestone historic districts, green parks, areas of tourist attractions and everything else that is valued by many visitors to this beautiful province of Spain. The fabled Alhambra, Moorish mosques, Antique monuments, Gothic churches, sumptuous Baroque cathedrals, shopping malls, restaurants, eclectic modernist structures, numerous museums and palaces, spacious plazas – this region is a home to many charms, so it comes as no surprise that Andalusia small hotels are so popular. Flawless quality of service and accommodation combined with tranquil atmosphere of secure and untroubled stay creates a special light-hearted mood most suitable for exciting discoveries and idle exploration. Such beautiful hotels abide by the only rule – that of hospitality, and do everything so you could feel at ease. Feeding the pigeons on Plaza Espana, admiring shady parks and unique local architecture – no matter what you do, sheer excitement will overflow. Andalusia small hotels are unique: putting much stock in traditions of hospitable welcome, developing impeccable visual design and irresistible atmosphere, these charming hotels achieve almost unrivaled mastery. If you doubt it, you should venture on the most exciting journey of your lifetime – to magnificent and fairytale-like Andalusia.

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