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Discover one of the most beautiful and romantic coastlines in Italy with a beach hotel on the Amalfi Coast. This diverse part of the country is brimming with ancient sites, luxury island day trips and breathtaking hamlets cascading down the cliffs. While the area isn’t exclusively known for its beaches, many hotels on the Amalfi Coast offer pools overlooking the ocean, or have access to private lounges where it’s possible to go swimming and catch some rays. With so much to see and do, you’ll want to return to Amalfi again and again.

Beach Hotels Amalfi Coast

Just south of the Gulf of Naples is a stretch of coast that has captivated visitors for centuries. Colorful towns seemingly built into the cliffs house secret grottos and fashionable boutiques, while the ancient city of Pompeii is only a short drive away. Small coves and shingle beaches can be found between Sorrento and Amalfi and a day trip to Capri will have you mingling with Italy’s high rollers. Beach hotels on the Amalfi Coast have it all.

Beach hotels on the Amalfi Coast: Discover stunning towns and historic centers

The Amalfi Coast: Positano and Beyond

A visit to the Amalfi Coast is worth it for the drive along the ocean alone. The gently winding road provides a spectacular view over the ocean and will have your heart racing as you peer down onto the cliffs below. You’ll know when you’ve hit Postiano – its distinct buildings with their colorful facades are hard to miss. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Positano’s steep walkways connect trendy boutiques with Michelin starred restaurants with ocean views. A beach hotel in this Amalfi Coast hotspot will seduce you with stunning sunsets over the Mediterranean and even a small shingle beach to spend lazy days enjoying. For a change of scenery, catch a ferry from Positano to the gleaming white facades of Amalfi. Enjoy a coffee or gelato in the piazza outside the gorgeous 9th century Amalfi Cathedral. The area is also littered with ancient mule tracks and walking paths for you to explore on foot. Take in the sublime surroundings on the Path of the Gods – a 4.5 hour hike along the coast from Bomerano and Positano. The views from its highest peak are exceptional.

Sorrento & Capri: Luxury on the Italian Coast

Known for its limoncello and ancient origins, the city of Sorrento is a gem of the region. While not exclusively located on the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento has a wide variety of beach hotels for a dreamy getaway among the terracotta buildings and lemon trees which dot the town. It’s here that you’ll want to pick up some souvenirs to take home, as vendors selling ceramics and unique bottles of limoncello can be found around every corner. Take the adorable Dotto Train to some of Sorrento’s beautiful sites before hopping off and catching the ferry to Capri – arguably Italy’s most exclusive and luxury island. With its white limestone cliffs and picture-perfect town, Capri is not to be missed on any vacation to the Amalfi Coast. Beach hotels here are among the most luxurious in Italy, and will provide access to exceptional attractions such as the Blue Grotto and the designer stores of Anacapri. Take a chairlift from town to the summit of Mount Solaro for an exciting way to enjoy stunning views over the Amalfi Coast and Vesuvius – which is still active to this day.

Pompeii: Immerse Yourself in History

No vacation to the Amalfi Coast would be complete without an excursion to the region’s biggest historic attraction. Buried for centuries by the ash spewed when Mount Vesuvius erupted some 2,000 years ago, this archeological site is one of the world’s most well-preserved Roman towns. Only an hour from the glamour of Positano, you can literally walk through history while you explore Pompeii’s streets. The mosaics and ruined former residences provide a unique insight into the lives of the city’s inhabitants, and morbid body casts made of ash preserve their final moments. If you’re not satisfied of your tour of Pompeii then head into Naples and visit Herculaneum, another town devastated by Vesuvius’s eruption in 79 AD. Home to wealth of lavish houses and colorful marble cladding, Herculaneum gives inquisitive visitors an insight into the lives of the city’s wealthier residents. A beach hotel on the Amalfi Coast is the perfect place to explore all of these exceptional sites, while also leaving you spellbound by spectacular views and gorgeous surroundings.

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