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Amalfi Coast: Favorite Places

Few places in Italy are as striking as the Amalfi Coast. Starting from Sorrento and stretching almost all the way to Salerno, the seductive coastline boasts luxurious island day trips, breathtaking natural scenery, and eye-catching destinations. A luxury hotel perched on the colorful cliffs of the Amalfi Coast will sweep you off your feet and make your vacation truly extraordinary.

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Luxury Hotels Amalfi Coast

With its high precipices against a background of colorful houses, the seductive Amalfi Coast boasts azure waters, sun-soaked beaches and picture-perfect piazzas. A stay in a luxury hotel in this stunning region of Italy is the best way to unwind by an infinity pool with a glass of limoncello in hand, explore the surroundings, splurge in the local boutiques, and relish the delicious local cuisine. Even better, with a stay on the Amalfi Coast, stylish island getaways are right at your fingertips.

Luxury hotels on the Amalfi Coast: Top locations on Italy’s sundrenched coastline

Amalfi Coast: Lavish towns with stunning ocean views

Staying at one of the luxury hotels in Campania on the Amalfi Coast is the best way to explore this slice of Italian paradise. In postcard-perfect Positano, a cascade of luxury hotels and sun-bleached peach and terracotta houses tumble into the sea below. Nothing is more luxurious than chartering a private motor-boat and designing your own itinerary, such as a full-day tour to Capri or just cruising along the beautiful Amalfi coastline with the captain. After a day chockful of sightseeing, splash out on a three-course meal at Da Vincenzo or Al Palazzo, which boasts an impressive wine list. And when your days of dozing off in the sun on Fornillo or Spiaggia Grande beach are done, be sure to take some colorful silks and limoncello home as souvenirs or gifts, or treat yourself to unique handcrafted fine jewels, corals and cameos by Angelo Fusco Jewellery. Ravello is a charming town renowned for its enchanting gardens, Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo, and the annual Ravello Festival that honors Richard Wagner. No visit to the town is complete without visiting the Terrace of Infinity at Villa Cimbrone, to enjoy the view that has taken away the breaths of so many prominent admirers, or the gardens of Villa Rufolo where Richard Wagner wrote the second act of his final opera, Parsifal, in 1880. Artisans and craftspeople have long been attracted to Ravello, where outdoor markets and small boutiques abound. Best of all, most shops are happy to ship your purchases home. Sorrento, the gateway to the Amalfi Coast, straddles the cliffs overlooking the water to Naples and Mt Vesuvius. With its only drawback being that it lacks a proper beach, Sorrento still manages to be a cut above the rest. It’s also a fabulous base for exploring the rest of the attractions in the region: pristine countryside in the south, archeological sites like Pompeii in the north and the legendary island of Capri offshore.

Enchanting island hopping: Capri, Ischia and Procida

Capri’s fabled beauty and hedonism has been attracting attention since Roman times when it was Tiberius’ private playground. The stunning limestone island rising from the Tyrrhenian Sea has charmed all of its countless visitors, from Roman rulers, and Russian revolutionaries to artists, writers, intellectuals and Hollywood legends. Snapshots of Jackie O wondering the narrow lanes in her Capri pants, sandals and signature sunglasses are synonymous with the island’s appeal in the jet set age, when the literarti gave way to the glitterarti. A stay at a luxury hotel in Capri is the best way to enjoy all that this Mediterranean microcosm has to offer, from the luxury boutiques lining the Via Camerelli, a trip to the Blue Grotto, or savoring a slice of torta caprese, a moist chocolate and ground almond cake, and an ice-cold limoncello. Nothing beats the spectacular views of the Faraglioni from the sleek rooms of Punta Tragara, a luxury villa at prime cliff-top location designed by Le Corbusier. Unbeatable glamour awaits you in the form of Sodashi spas and colorfully fun rooms designed by Giampiero Panepinto at the luxury Capri Tiberio. Forming the backdrop for numerous Italian and American movies, Ischia is the largest and most developed of the islands in the Bay of Naples. Known since antiquity for its thermal spas and volcanic mud and immortalized in Elena Ferrante’s series, the Neapolitan Novels, the volcanic island of Ischia is an intriguing concoction of sprawling spa towns, verdant gardens, buried necropolises, spectacular scenery and pictorial small towns. A stay in a luxurious hotel in Ischia is the best way to take advantage of the antique thermal springs of Cavascura and the Posedidon Thermal Gardens. The Bay of Naples’ smallest island is also its best-kept secret and the ideal place to explore on foot. What it lacks in size it makes up for in attractions, archeology and arresting architecture. Don’t miss out on Spiaggia di Chiaia, one of the most beautiful beaches in Marina Corricella, where the film classic Il Postino was partly filmed. From the yacht-lined marina of Marina di Chiaiolella you can catch a water taxi to superb beaches in the area and the crystal clear waters are perfect for diving, too.

Archeological attractions: Naples, Herculaneum, Pompeii and Versuvius

A visit to the archeological highlights of Pompeii and Herculaneum in the shadow of Vesuvius is a must while discovering the charms of the Amalfi Coast. There are countless private tours to choose from, like a blissful Pompeii and Vesuvius wine tasting tour. It’s also possible to take daytrips from the Amalfi Coast, which your luxury hotel can help organize. Pompeii and neighboring Herculaneum suffered the same fate in AD 79 when Mt Vesuvius erupted, leaving the cities frozen in time. The UNESCO heritage sites give visitors an unprecedented opportunity to see how people lived two thousand years ago. A visit to the National Archeological Museum in Naples is a good way to start your tour, as this is where most of the best preserved mosaics, frescoes, and artifacts from Pompeii are displayed. From Pompeii, it is easy to catch a bus to Vesuvius, where you can enjoy breathtaking panoramas overseeing the Bay of Naples, the Amalfi Coast and the islands of Capri and Ischia at the top of the volcano that has lay dormant for the past 500 years. The birthplace of pizza, Naples truly is a hidden gem, thanks to the fact that the city has never experienced a large influx of tourists in the way that Rome, Florence, and Venice have. This has allowed Naples to retain much of its original charm, character and culture. The historic center, boasting the highest number of historical and monumental churches in the world for a single city at 448, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From your luxury hotel on the Amalfi Coast, Italy’s fascinating history and culture is vibrantly brought to life.

Amalfi Coast: Favorite Places

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